COM00014 – Blog #2 – Tell me a story

Let me tell you a story.

That is what I took away from this week’s readings and lessons. In order to connect and engage with others, in any capacity not just digitally, we need to tell a story. Storytelling is fundamental to who we are as a human race, and has connected us since the dawn of time. The greatest strength of the digital world is giving us a platform to share stories with others from personal to professional.

While we can all tell a story, it is important to tell it in the best way possible in order to reach your audience and have the desired result whether it is your intent to inspire, captivate or entertain.

There are a basic rules that can be followed when structuring and writing your story:

  • Put the most important information first in order to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Be clear and concise (to allow for skimming).
  • Have good grammar, spelling and punctuation (which I fully support as the state of  basic spelling and grammar on the internet is depressing).
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice.
  • Know your intended goal or outcome of telling the story.

While the above guidelines are good to follow, the key ingredient to any story is to make it your own.  Don’t let the voice of the story get lost. Whether it is your voice, the voice of the company or the voice of the person in the story, make sure it shines through as that is what makes the story unique and that is what allows others to connect with it.

No matter what, keep going and keep practising. It can take time to develop your storytelling style, but keep writing and rewriting.

I want to hear your story. Will you tell me a story?

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