Blog 4 – Let’s talk Lesson Four

Here we are again, time for another post about what we have just learned in Lesson 4 – Introduction to Social Media Measurement and Monitoring.

This was an interesting lesson, and it made me look at the company I currently work for. We are a retailer, and we have stores all across Canada.

In 2015 the corporation went through the process of rebranding, and early 2016 they relaunched the website. I was thinking this was the perfect opportunity to see what networks we use, and if they are applying what I have been learning in this course.

Our office is open concept, and the marketing/communications department is one row over. I see them constantly taking pictures, and low and behold after booting around on the corporate site, I found the pictures they were taking on the different networks we use.

When I started four years ago, we had a website and we posted YouTube videos on our site, that was it.

Currently we use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I noticed all four networks are currently showing the same pictures. I listed Instagram first, since it is listed first on our website, and it appears to have the most activity.

We post lots of pictures showing all the products we sell. The photos are all nicely staged, and they correspond with the current holidays, but I don’t see a lot of engagement from us. We have comments or tweets from people about our products, and we also have  pictures of things you can make using the products we sell.

I am afraid we have the mentality of an old school marketer, which is one-way communication. I believe the marketing/communications team is trying to get into the different social media networks, and they are putting out a lot great pictures showcasing our products, but there isn’t a lot of substance to the posts. It appears to me we do not have a social media strategy.

We are definitely new in the land of social media and given time we will grow and establish our presence in the different social media networks. Right now we appear lost and have to find our way.

2 thoughts on “Blog 4 – Let’s talk Lesson Four

  1. I think your company is not alone in their decision to dabble on social media. That said, there will likely come a time when they will have to question the ROI of simply posting pictures without any “conversation” the sooner they come to that realization the sooner they will develop a social media plan and see a return on their time and money.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Engagement and variety are key. Those are the two things that I noticed when doing my case study and the company I chose: they seem to be in a very similar spot to yours! While they use the same platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), I noticed that interaction is low, and that the feeds looked very mundane. The interesting thing about this, is that the two can work together to change the issues. Inviting fans to post their own pictures and Tweet them to the company or tag the company in them is a great way to show customer interaction. On the other hand, if you show you’re willing to interact with your customers and repost their posts, you’ll drive more traffic to your company’s feeds, because it will give other users something new and different to check out!

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