COM0015- Post #3- Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Social media is a powerful tool because it does not only help spread ideas, suggestions, but also contribute to the image of people. Identities now are expressed through tweets, Facebook timeline, and selfies on Instagram. Pictures posted show whether a person likes to be formal all the time or not. Social media has become important as it shows the network of connections that someone has.

Before delving into the discussion of my present strategy for developing my professional networking online and in person, it is important to define my objectives and shed light on who I am. My main objectives are (1) to stand for and practice a fine journalism that enlightens and educates, and to maintain a strong freelancing career, and (2) to market myself as an Arab journalism and visual communication instructor. My strategy for developing professional network is the ‘snow balling’ effect.

Building my profile: Who I am

I am a 2015-03-24 16.30journalism instructor, freelancer, and social media analyst. Graduated from one of the best Canadian universities, McGill, I am a media researcher, instructor, and freelancer whose goal is to educate people on objectivity, tolerance, and more importantly to invite them to think critically. I have dual careers: journalism and visual communication instructor, and freelancing. I actually have an extraordinary journalism, and publication design experience, as I worked as a newspaper designer and art director for number of publications in Egypt. I write a weekly article in Arabic language in a daily Egyptian newspaper. My recent articles are always available on my page at Veto newspaper website2015-03-24 16.35

Getting my house in order

Let me start with what I can offer.  I list the features and benefits that are unique to the service or product I offer. I offer freelancing service, teach journalism, and provide social media analysis. What makes my services unique is that my freelancing service is based on facts and research; it is not just a point of view. My freelancing also goes beyond political analyses of situation in some Arab countries, such as Lebanon. I also have two blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

My professional networking

Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA) 

Canadian Association of Journalists

Journalists on Facebook

Facebook & social journalism

Egypt Journalism Project

Mass Communication Club (MCC)

Twitter accounts

Commitments in the next 6-12 months

I have several commitments among them are:

  • Monitoring the political situation in the Middle East through my weekly articles, and Facebook posts.
  • Write blog posts on the role of social media in the Middle East.
  • Participating in Online panels of academic conferences I can not attend.
  • Attend conferences: Conferences are essential space, through which I can improve my professional network.

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