COM0015 Blog Post #2- Strong and Weak Organizations


Social Media is one of those things you either get, or you don’t. Fortunately, most companies and organizations seem to have gotten a handle on how to run and organize their social media pages. Other companies, however, are still struggling to figure it all out.


On the strong side of things, is Tim Hortons, boasting over 2, 860, 000 followers on their Facebook page, over 556,000 on their Twitter, and over 139,000 on their Instagram. A Canadian classic, it comes as no surprise to me that Tim Hortons would have so many followers on their social media accounts. However, they are actually excellent at interacting with their consumers and followers, and posting regular content.

I’ve noticed them respond to numerous content on all of their social media platforms, to both negative and positive feedback, in a productive manner. Positive comments receive good-natured, friendly and human commentary, and negative comments receive advice, and requests for further information and getting into contact with the unhappy consumer.

They also regularly feature user-submitted photos on their social media pages, which thrills consumers, and encourages more people to take pictures of Tim Hortons products and services, and post them on their own social media pages, in the hopes of getting featured. Which, naturally, creates more exposure for Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons posts every day it seems, consistently, with at least one image post per day featuring their food, beverages, and current promotions. Getting people hungry and hopefully encourage them to head out to their nearest Tim Hortons.


On the weak side of things, we have Empire Restaurant in Ottawa. They hold a decent amount of followers on their Twitter account, with 2,124 followers. That isn’t too bad, considering it’s a local restaurant establishment. However, they appear to have dropped off the social media scene entirely, recently. Their last post on Twitter was posted February 23rd. Their Facebook page last posted something on February 14th. Empire’s Instagram account’s last post was made on June 24th, 2015.

Aside from their apparent disappearance from social media, they did not appear to respond frequently to customer comments, concerns and reviews on any of their social media platforms, which is a big no-no in social media marketing. You need to both listen and communicate with your consumers so they know they are being heard.

I’m curious as to why or what happened to cause them to drop off the social media spectrum, and will be curious to see if they make any sort of return to their platforms.

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