COM0011 (blog#1) Social Media Evolution in Brief

Do you remember how life was before social media?  It’s fascinating to see how social media has evolved and radically changed the way we communicate and our lifestyles. It has actually played a huge role in our lives and has enabled us to communicate with a greater number of people on a global scale. 



But when did it start?

Social media did not start in 2006 when Jack Dorsey created Twitter and not either in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. A commercial online service company called CompuServe began to offer the dial-up service to connect to the web in 1979, and in 1987 introduced the GIF standard and images. Then, home computers started to become popular and exchange of information between people more advanced. Six Degrees was the name of the first recognizable social media site in 1997 that allowed users to upload a profile and create a social network. In 1999, blogging sites became finally popular. MySpace, Linkedin and Flickr all appeared in the early 2000s, and YouTube, in 2005.




Nowadays, it is difficult to keep up with all social media available with new applications coming up all the time. If you are passionate about food, there is Foodie, if you are a fitness freak there is Fitocracy. Do you like dogs? Dogster. Cats? Catster. Events? Meetup. Are you a doctor? Ozmosis. Are you a senior? Try ThirdAge. Do you have a dream? My last Wish.


The evolution and growth of social media has also impacted business tremendously. It has become so important, that people ask their social networks advice to buy things. Marketers had to change completely the way they work. They now have to be very active in niche communities to build relationships with consumers. It all became a collaborative environment where consumers and service/good providers learn from each other. Before social media, TV and press controlled content. It was a one-way conversation. Today, information has been democratized and that trend will continue to grow.

Find your niche and have fun!


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