COM0011 – The Most Interesting Good-bye in the World

By: Bryan Thiel

At the outset of lesson five, we’re introduced to the outline of our case studies. One of the examples used during these outlines is the campaign Old Spice launched around Isaiah Mustafa. It was a fiercely successful campaign that launched Old Spice to the forefront of the marketing landscape for men’s hygiene products.

Across lessons four and five, two of the key points hammered home are Return on Investment and viral appeal. The two are tied together, and Mustafa is a perfect example of how social media and going viral with something can give a company a crystal-clear view of the return on their investment. With Mustafa, he was imitated, duplicated, and splashed across the web as ‘the man your man can smell like’.

While Mustafa has re-appeared in his role alongside Terry Crews recently, another company who benefitted from similar viral success and return on their investment just said so long to their spokesperson.

This month the advertising world saw the end of Jonathan Goldsmith’s run as ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ for Dos Equis. As Mustafa’s contemporary (Goldsmith’s run started in 2006 and Mustafa’s in 2010), Goldsmith may very well have been the world’s first meme. The marketing campaign by Dos Equis took off when his commercials first hit the airwaves, and they stuck in viewers’ minds thanks to how simply their message was delivered, mixed in with some humour.

The popularity of his campaign is easy to measure as a quick study in social media: while Dos Equis has a Twitter and Facebook account (68,000+ followers and nearly 4 million likes), TMIMITW doesn’t. There’s a pair of fake fan pages and at least six fake Twitter accounts, but nothing for the ‘actual’ guy (for the record, Goldsmith has a Facebook page with 17,000+ likes). In addition to that, Dos Equis’ English-speaking Youtube page has 17,000 subscribers and over 1 millions views (It seems that their other pages have had more long-term success).

While that doesn’t seem impressive, considering they’ve apparently had that Youtube page since March 28th, 2008 and have five videos on it…and didn’t start posting videos until his good-bye video nearly eight years later (and that video has nearly all of their views), it suddenly becomes pretty impressive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.23.05 PM
Try typ22410324ing ‘most int’ into your google search and it should autofill to ‘most interesting man in the world’. If you scroll down to memes, there’s a handful of generators and if you switch over to images it’s about as endless as the internet can get.
Needless to say, ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ may have become one of the first internet sensations. Along with that, he’s also proof that even in its infancy, Social Media can be a driving force when it comes to a company’s bottom line, intentionally or not.




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