Comm0014: Blog 6- Do People Know Your Story?

In the electronic sea known as the Internet, and in a tsunami of the social media market place, the challenge remains for one to get their story out of the clutter of social media, and into the cream of the crop.

Lesson 6 talks about how to make your story matter in this sea of oblivion.

One lesson that is driven home is making your personality. What makes you unique? What makes you special from the rest? Why should people read your blog, or watch your YouTube video?

Personality can make the difference from your personal brand standing out or staying stuck in the garage.

Well known blogger, and author Michael Hyatt, who wrote the 2012 book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, suggests these five tips in getting people to notice your story:

  1. “Start with Wow.”
  2. “Prepare to Launch.”
  3. “Build Your Home Base.”
  4. “Expand Your Reach.”
  5. “Engage your Tribe.”

Hyatt explains in greater detail on how to build that personal brand in this 30 minute podcast. Definitely worth watching.  “More noise than ever before,” Hyatt definitely hits home with his personal branding message.

“A brand is something you stand for,” Hyatt also makes note here. Do you stand for something? For example, do you stand for a social justice issue? And if so, how do you differentiate yourself from other social justice advocates? Are you radical, or moderate?

Lessons from Michael Hyatt can show how to get your story out effectively in the crowded social media world.

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