COM0014: Blog Post 5-Personal Brand, Lupus Interrupted

Personal Brand- Lupus Interrupted

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Lupus Interrupted…changing the game of chronic illness through raw, real and authentic advocacy

One of the most recognizable qualities that I bring in my personal brand to the social media smorgasbord is the ability to write real and write raw.

In a vast ocean of health advocates that feather the platforms with resources and information, I am profoundly aware of two groups of advocates: Those who puppy’n’rainbows’n’kittens, 24/7…or those that subscribe to the “Whine-1-1.” I do neither of those. My strength in conversation resides in the ability to use colourful language peppered with sarcasm and a rapier wit in order to best illustrate what it’s like to live with a chronic disease as an on-my-own, working mother of five.

My followers regularly admire and comment on my strength. I verily believe that it’s my best asset, though seemingly foreign to me on those less than stellar days of pain and overwhelming monotony. However, that’s exactly what makes my brand stand out. I subscribe to a perspective of #gladitude…that choice one makes to notice the small things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed that brings a little colour into one’s day. I make a choice to be transparent in sharing my journey because of the necessity of showing others the ability to make that very choice as to how we define ourselves through even the most difficult of times.

Here’s what one follower wrote: “Your writing is easy to read and follow. The vocabulary (especially those words and phrases of your own creation) make my heart burst with happies. You keep me wanting to read more (and I often do) despite the liquid feels pouring down my cheeks.”

A common word used to describe my brand (because, yes, I’d actually had to ask as writing about myself in this manner is exceedingly difficult for me) is: Growth, as it applies to lessons. I’m certainly not perfect. None of us are. Though, I use my journey to highlight the lessons I learn along the way. I *do* describe the fuglies of my nature, of my mistakes, but I also “find the silver lining in the cosmic shitstorm” and illustrate exactly how I’ve learned and how I’ve utilized the lesson in order to further my self-evolution as a human being.

I verily believe it is my profound ability to inspire through authentic writing and storytelling. This is what has brought followers and readers to my personal brand, and one that keeps them engaged and inspired. Put simply, it is my eloquence to explain the good, the bad and the uncomfortable content (mental health, depression, etc) within an umbrella of reality in which people can relate.

3 thoughts on “COM0014: Blog Post 5-Personal Brand, Lupus Interrupted

  1. Thanks for your transformational approach to sharing your story with us all… You are among friends. In the big, bad scary world of dealing with chronic illness: we stand united in the open, honest way we talk about facing our struggles with our own humanity. I’ve survived an MVA (18) and thyroid cancer (30) among other things… so I get it… hopefully when I offer my support to you: it is felt in the manner of encouragement. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you SO much! Your support is, indeed, received as encouragement. Birds of a feather…right? I think that’s what resonates with a lot of people enduring their own journey. The trick is to find that balance between “yes, yes…” and a bit of shock-factor of the reality. Because, it’s most assuredly a “big, bad scary world of dealing with chronic illness.” 🙂

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