COM0014 – Blog 5 – My personal brand

I polled eight co-workers via email asking them for one or two words that described my best traits in a work environment. In order to keep the request casual, I added, P.S.: Please resist the temptation to call me cranky or stubborn or sexy! I need to keep it positive and clean! Their answers were similar and included trustworthy, knowledgeable, kind and quiet intelligence.

Although I am ambivalent about this aspect of my job, the personal qualities I believe set me apart from others are discretion, trustworthiness, empathy and good listening skills as a “customer service representative”.  I am good at problem resolution, although it can be draining.

I care about people’s points of views, their problems and their search for fairness, or what they consider the right way to be treated. I approach customers with patience, openness and trust. That trust is repaid when they allow the major companies that we endorse or sponsor to share information with me from their personal files without hesitation. Surprisingly, even those who do not divulge the whole truth to me will grant that permission!

The outcomes of my interventions on behalf of customers are easily measurable by success or failure in my representation of their cases to those companies. I find the high percentage of customer satisfaction with my services remarkable, whether the outcome is positive or not. Customers are grateful that someone listened to them and did their best to make a bad situation better.

My proudest moments come from obliterating corporate red tape when it is crucial to do so. Because of confidentiality, I cannot recount in any detail some of those situations but an example would be getting a quick, partial settlement for an out-of-country vacation accident, to allow a family to deal with subsequent medical expenses, without all the required medical reports from the foreign hospital.



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