Blog Post #3 Breastfeeding – What’s the big deal?

First off I want to state that whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed your baby is up to you.  I see a lot of mom-shaming going on when you formula feed, but the truth is, breastfeeding is hard work and not everyone can or feels comfortable doing it and that’s okay!

This post is about the controversy of breastfeeding.  We as a society have sexualized breasts but are put off by someone breastfeeding.  My question is why?  It is supposed to be one of the most natural things in the world.  Animals do it and no one yells at them to cover up or say they don’t want to see that.  Yet no one has a problem, well most people don’t have a “problem” with Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian flaunting their goods for the world to see, or a Victoria Secret display window with a woman in her underwear with no complaints.

However if a mom stops to feed her baby, even if she is covered passerbyers are not afraid to say that’s disgusting, you’re in public, you shouldn’t be doing that, I don’t want to see that, you’re making me uncomfortable and the list goes on.  This mom’s photo went viral when her friend took a picture of her giving the stare down to another customer who was giving her the stink eye for breastfeeding uncovered in public.  Parents magazine has the full article on what happened.  Read the full article  here.


Alyssa Milano recently posted this picture on Instagram which caused a lot controversy.  She was also just on the Wendy Williams show who brought up the controversy surrounding the photo.  Wendy Williams herself admitted to not wanting to see that and that it made her uncomfortable.  But had no problem with Miley Cyrus’ photo or Coco Ice T’s wife in a dress with cutouts all down the sides and across the chest leaving nothing to the imagination.  You can view the interview here.


Another great video circulated on facebook which is what prompted me to write this piece, putting a woman with a low cut top showing off the girls next to a woman breastfeeding her baby getting reactions out of people passing by.  It was interesting that the woman with the low-cut top never got any negative feedback but did receive many unsolicited looks and comments from men walking by.  However, the mother feeding her child was constantly attacked by men and women about how disgusting it was and that she should be doing that in the privacy of her own home.  This video is a 2 part series of a social experiment put on by Joey Salads.  The first video is just the new mom breastfeeding and getting comments.  The second video is of the woman dressed in sexy clothing and the breastfeeding mother.  Both are great to watch but if you only want to watch one, I recommend the second one.  Click here to watch video 1 and video 2.

I guess I don’t know why we are ok with this


but not this


Something that is completely natural.  We as a general public need to stop shaming mothers who are just feeding their children, if it bothers you look away, walk in the other direction, but please keep your comments to yourself.  They are not exposing themselves for everyone to ogle the goods they are just feeding their children.  As a society in North America, we really need to normalize breastfeeding instead of telling mothers they need to hide behind closed door and making them feel ashamed of doing something so natural.  The problem is us not them.  #feedallbabies


One thought on “Blog Post #3 Breastfeeding – What’s the big deal?

  1. Thank you, thank you! Did I say thank you?! This is such an important topic!! I wish more people gave this greater consideration! And do their research as well- no one seems to mention that the World Health Organization encourages breastfeeding for two years and BEYOND. Let’s have a look at what other countries do and how babies thrive on human milk over long periods of time. Great article!

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