Looking at some of the Pros & Cons of Social Media

Hello, this is my first blog experience, and I wanted to focus on social media itself when it comes to pros and cons, because nowadays social media is everywhere, and one can not escape its presence in our daily lives. Although there are many pros and cons to social media, I wanted to focus on a few that I believe are important factors.

Pros: Putting oneself out there in a positive way – This is the chance to make a name for anyone out there who wants to get their name known to the world. If it is with a product or service, then getting the word out is so important using the right tools in social media. Facebook, email, twitter, Instagram are just a few outlets people use to get the word out. Once the word gets out, one can make new friends and have loyal clients when it comes to goods or services. The use of surveys online can be a positive spin in determining future growth of one’s inventories.

Cons: Some people who are trying to get their message out may not know when they unintentionally post material on sites that may be deemed inappropriate to others. This can cause negative feedback and irreparable damage to one’s reputation. Gossip or rumors can come about, some involving legal action. One important thing to remember is if a blog site is not properly protected by anti-spam software, then hackers can invade the site leaving a permanent damage to a site.

Social media has come a long way, and it is here to stay in our lives. As the future progresses in social media, new types of software and gadgets will help change the landscape to get the word across about certain product or service.




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