Blog #4 Becoming a Category of One

I have quoted my favorite expert in past blogs as well as in my daily life at work, so coming off the heels of the personal branding assignment I thought I would share a video of some excerpts from some conferences he was the keynote speaker at.

His name is Joe Calloway and he is a branding expert that helps organizations differentiate themselves from competition.  He wrote a book called Becoming a Category of One.  Check it out!

I love his message about differentiating yourself from competition and the example he used of the tire company in the states.  They sell tires…big deal…but they make it a big deal by running to the car the second you drive into the lot…it’s all about the experience they are willing to provide to their clients that their competition isn’t.

When I think of my workplace, I often think that we are differentiating by the service we provide everyday but our clients are asked this question through an anonymous survey; “Did you receive EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE?”  Too often this is the response; “I get the same service at the other bank I deal with.”  So, I guess we aren’t differentiating!  Yikes! What can we do?  We have big ideas, great vision and an awesome mission statement…so what is going wrong?

No action.

As Joe says, “great companies have great ideas and take action on them.” We get so busy in our day to day lives and demands of the job, we forget to put these ideas into action.  As I completed the personal branding assignment, I am guilty of this in my personal life too! I asked myself, “why am I not taking action?”  Fear of failure?  Laziness?  Not challenging myself enough?  I think it is a little from each column.  So how do I get myself and my business to get over and start taking action…TODAY?

Does anyone else have this challenge in their personal life or business??  How do YOU differentiate??

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