COM0014 Blog #7 Personal Reflection

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kelly who was interested in social media. She discovered through the COM0014 course that storytelling is a great way to gain readership (customers, followers, and the like).

As a college instructor, I try to convey this message to my students as they prepare their cover letters and resumes. I tell them it needs to ‘stick’, it has to be memorable. I tell them to paint a picture and to avoid cliche phrases.

Stories are life and our life is full of stories. But opening up is difficult. Some of us could likely write stories that would bring tears to the reader’s eyes…but would we? Should we? We have to consider our audience. For me, I feel my audience in this course is potentially my classmates, but realistically it’s probably just my instructor.

So, Nelly, thanks for helping us become more aware of the pictures we paint – our depth of field, our focus.  I will likely never feel I can really open up on social media as it has a way of becoming part of permanent record. For this reason, I choose my stories carefully.  I talk about my role with youth sports instead of my work. Sometimes I write about my role in my job rather than my role as mother. But boy do I love reading about the trials and tribulations of other moms.  Maybe one day I will start a mommy blog 🙂


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