COM0011 Blog #3 – Introduction to Social Media

Here we are in our third post – 49 days left to the end of the course. It has been a very interesting journey. I am amazed by some of the blogs that I am reading, so many people write very well, and are very passionate about their beliefs.

Me, I find I am struggling still. I haven’t jumped in with both feet, and to be honest I am intimidated by some of the different social media networks. My children, have twitter accounts, I signed up for one before they did, but they have mastered it and I haven’t. They use Snapchat all the time, I wasn’t even aware of Snapchat until a couple years ago. I just read a little about Snapchat, and my age bracket usage for  Snapchat is less than two per cent. I think they use Snapchat more than Instagram. They seem to be able to master and adapt to new social media networks without any difficutly. I like to understand things, and to make sense of it.

I  found our Personal Branding Assignment #2 a challenge; I hate talking about myself, or selling myself. I understand and grasp the concept of what the assignment was all about, but I found it difficult to sell me.

Now in lesson four we are looking at measurement and monitoring, and the five w’s of social media listening. People saying good things = good…yeah! Google analytics, measuring traffic to your website, SEO and ROI – the bottom-line.

If I understand correctly, measurement is harder to determine when it comes to social media. Social media is  about driving traffic to a website but it is also about engaging, and talking – two way communication. This is not an easy thing to  measure, it is hard to put numbers to human interactions and conversations.

I just find summarizing the lessons helps me retain the information, but I always seem to have more questions than answers.

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