Blog Post #7 – COM0014

What did I learn during this course?

Story Telling has been done through the ages.  During the Stone Age people told stories around the fire and drew pictures on cave walls.  As time marched on people continued to be story tellers, this time on paper.  We now tell stories electronically.  In some ways nothing has really changed.  Good story telling will always draw in your audience.

If it is a really good story it may even be shared through the centuries:Shakespeare.jpg

It is perhaps a bit glib to compare social media to Shakespeare, but human nature hasn’t changed through the ages.  We are all attracted to a good tale, to something that we can reflect upon and to which we can relate.

This course has boiled down the essence of what makes social media communication successful.  The stress has always been on producing relevant and shareable content.  If you have a true understanding of the topic you will always be seen as more authentic.   If you have spent your life studying and have a passion for organic nutrition you should probably stay away from writing about greasy spoons in the Mid West.  Knowing your subject well is important and marginal content will be obvious to your readers and will not be shared.

Good content is important but it is also imperative to evaluate your who your audience is and write accordingly.  Knowing your target audience not only allows you to write in a specific way but also allows you to promote your content in the right location.  If you have a passion for 1950’s muscle cars you aren’t likely to promote your blog in ‘Green Ottawa’. It is important to listen to your community and take opportunities to write and share to the right people.

This course has also allowed me to be reflective upon my own personal brand and what it means to be a Military Spouse.  This is the area that I feel I know best.  I write a blog about what it is like to be a spouse and that is my audience.  There are so many stories to tell and my audience has amazing strength.  I am lucky…

Story writing has been around forever.  We simply write in a different way now.  The stories are the same because people are the same.

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