B2C Case Study – Evernight Publishing


Guarding Midnight by Kacey Hammell

No one said writing a book is easy…but dealing with the business side of it can be even more daunting than getting those words down on a page. Long gone are the days of publisher funded book tours, and large promotional “endcaps” in book stores. Authors have to promote themselves and spend their own money on swag and promotional merchandise. Because of this many authors have chosen to go the self-publishing route.

It’s a personal choice, both have their pros and cons but with the upswing in self-pubs I think that Publishers are realizing that they can’t sit back anymore. They’ve realized that the best success is when author and publisher work together to promote. evernightpublishingI’ve been watching  Evernight Publishing for a while now for this very reason and this blog gave me a great opportunity to do some further research into them.

Evernight is a Canadian publisher (whoot!!) who’ve been around for almost six years. According to their twitter page they are “Publisher of romance, erotic romance, and urban fantasy”

EvernightThey have an active Facebook page with 13,059 likes, an active Twitter account  with 6,312 followers and a monthly Newsletter . They also maintain an active blog with 290 registered followers and a Facebook Reader’s page with 767 members

For a small publisher these are great numbers. From everything I’ve read their authors are happy and proud to be a part of this company. There are lots of interactions between the publisher, authors, editors, and readers spread across the different media outlets.

Personally I think they are a good example of a publishing house that is trying to interact with their audience and stay on top of what their readers are looking for.

Should I or shouldn’t I submit to them at some point in the future isn’t really a question for me anymore. Now, I have to get back to getting those words done and get a story finished.



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