COM0015 – Event Participation

On March 2, the Advertising Coordination and Partnerships Directorate (ACPD) at Public Works hosted a webinar featuring guest speakers from Facebook: Katie Harbath, Global Politics and Government Director and Kevin Chan, Public Policy Manager.
I chose to attend the event so that I could learn more about:

·      Suggested content that gets the best and most engagement;

·      The different ways that a page can talk to fans (comments, Q&As, FB Live, messaging);
·      What tools to consider for managing comments including having a comments policy,             using the moderation block list and the profanity filter and much more.

 What ideas have you walked away with from the event?

There was a ton of great information provided to the webinar attendees on organic Facebook posts:

·         Live video (streaming) is now available on IOS platforms and coming soon to

·         Page moderation tools: profanity filter, private messaging, and instant replies;

·         Post reach is important – watch the trending reports and ensure that is moving

·         Time of day for posts matters!

·         It is important to continue to use traditional media as part of your marketing mix,
alongside social media.

·         Important information can be found at

·         Using the words “like” and “share” as part of your posts content can lower your reach. Avoid
doing this!

Quotable quote:

“Look at reach, not just engagement”.

Attend a similar event in the future?

ACPD sessions are very valuable to my work/position. I will continue to attend ACPD sessions, as long as they are being offered. The sessions are for Government employees only, so it offers a chance for federal servants to meet and discuss their projects, as well as an opportunity for the federal service to be on the same page in terms of best practices. ACPD brings in speakers from the field that can help provide information, spark creativity and enthusiasm.

For your viewing pleasure:

The event was recorded – please see the link to view the session:

(I hope that you are able to access the link and that it’s not blocked for federal servants).

Have you been to any cool events (online or in-person) lately that might be of interest to other marketers?

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