Comm0014: Blog #5 Personal Brand

I`ve never had an easy time talking about myself, specifically the positive elements of me. If you ask me for a list of flaws, we could talk for hours.

Recently I`ve had to practice this skill as I put myself on the market for a new job. As I was asked so many times in interviews, if I was to describe myself in a matter of words, I would probably have to say I am genuine, loyal, and comical with a side of sarcasm.

In a letter of reference a former co worker provided for me, he describes me as an above average and diligent employee who is able to speak fluent “salesman“. In my profession, speaking and understanding “salesman“ is a big deal! Another of my former salesmen told my new employer, “you`ve really screwed us over by taking this one, she`s a keeper, take care of her“.

When I sat back and thought about what I had to offer a business and what would set me apart or at least on par with others was that I was a hard worker, someone that could be depended on to get the job done when it needed to be done.

I like to think outside the box, even if it means looking at things up side down to gain that different prospective. I like to try new things especially when I`m told I can`t or it won`t work. I believe “the road less travelled“ sometimes leads to great things.

I am passionate; I throw myself into my work, my hobbies, and my projects. I believe that if I`m going to put my name on something it`s going to be the best representation of myself and it would have to be something I`m proud of and stand by. Half enough is NEVER good enough.

I believe that family always comes first and there is nothing more important or valuable than family. Even when you want to knock their heads together you gotta love them.

I am genuine. I won`t tell you something because I think it`s what you want to hear and I won`t embellish things to make them more glamorous than they are. My Dad always told me that if I told the truth I`d have less to remember in life, and I`ve stood by that. That advice proved to be my downfall when it came to selling the Tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa to my kids!

In the end though, I am me. You can take me or leave me, I`ll be the same either way.

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