COM0014 – Blog #4 – B2C: Farm Boy

about_headWhen asked to find an example of a B2C business who engages with its audience online, the answer for me is always Farm Boy. Farm Boy has been using Facebook and Twitter to their advantage for several years and from personal interactions with the company to monitoring their social media activities in COM0013, it is always a pleasure to discuss their online presence.

COM0013 gave me the opportunity to monitor Farm Boy’s social media activity from October 25th to December 3rd 2015.  During that time I saw the number of Facebook “Likes” increase significantly by 151. Although their Twitter account only gained 44 followers, they made sure to always listen and interact with users.  With all the positive feedback Farm Boy receives on social media it does not come without the negative. When dealing with customer complaints Farm Boy will always reply in a polite manner while looking to correct the situation.  Several years ago I had a bad experience with an item that I had purchased at one of their locations and with the help of Twitter Farm Boy rectified the situation almost immediately.  The high level of customer service I received will always resonate with me.

I believe their approach is working; however I would suggest they post bilingual content on their social media due to their geographical location. Farm Boy’s head office is located in Ottawa and most of their stores are in the surrounding area. Even though the majority of people can speak both official languages, it would be beneficial to post bilingual content at no extra cost.


2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #4 – B2C: Farm Boy


    I am always interested to learn how businesses utilize social media to interact with existing or potential clientele. By your account, Farm Boy seems to be achieving considerable success at customer relationship management through its use of only two social media platforms, and perhaps its ability to remain responsive is due to the fact that it has focused its efforts as a business on communicating through fewer channels. I wonder if this is part of a deliberate B2C engagement strategy? I ask because you noted seeing Farm Boy secure 151 Facebook “Likes”, but “only” gain 44 Twitter “Followers” from October to December 2015; however, depending on their social media strategy, maybe those numbers surpass stated goals for that time period and represent success to the company. Did you observe any adjustment of their behaviour on Facebook and Twitter that would have suggested an increased effort to secure more “Likes” or “Followers” that suggested these numbers were low? I ask because I’m very interested to learn more about the tactics businesses employ to attract new fans and followers on social media.

    Thanks to your post I’m going to look for Farm Boy on Facebook and Twitter!

    • Hi Marissa!

      Thanks for your comment and I apologize for the delayed response. You may very well be correct, this could be Farm Boy’s strategy but unfortunately I have no way to confirm this. Farm Boy’s behaviour on Facebook and Twitter stayed consistent while I was monitoring them from October to December.


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