COM0014: Blog Post 4 B2C Case Study – Vistaprint

I have been following Vistaprint very closely in the past several weeks not only as a result of my own personal dealings with the company itself, as a consumer, but also to see if I could garner any insight as to their social media practice(s) in my role as a student.

Vistaprint is a publishing company managing everything from your personal to business promotional needs…business cards, promotional materials, wedding invitations, signs, clothing and even digital marketing. Their catechism is:

“Rely on Vistaprint

Absolutely Guaranteed

Every time. Any reason. Or we’ll make it right.”

Having used Vistaprint for various Lupus Interrupted and Kubb Canada promotional items (business cards, signage) I encountered my first problem this past January: My business cards for my personal use weren’t shipped and I’d needed them for a social media networking event the following week from the date that I’d put in a telephone call (old school, I know) to the company to enquire as to their whereabouts.

The customer service I received was exemplary so, pondering this day and age where complaints and negativity easily trump compliments and positive feedback, I donned my Super Cape and took to the interwebs (the Vistaprint Facebook page) to let them know of my happiness!


Consumer engagement is ongoing. Using a name is a personal touch not often utilized by companies.

They responded. Not only did they respond to me, they respond to *everyone*. A quick scan down the “Visitor Posts” highlights not only interactions but actual engagements with customers…and a lot of posts have been due to poor perceived value/experience. An incredible number of engagements have been made daily.

But, that’s not all…their Twitter account not only sees near-daily postings, but a scroll down “Tweets & Replies” highlights their intense engagement with their followers and responses to queries, mentions and the like (both positive and negative)

The nature of not just some standard, automatic responses is what impresses me the most in the company’s efforts to not just actively engage their customers…but to *pro-actively* engage their customers. One can feel that there is a real person behind the post. Case in point, they will often use the customer’s name.

In the ongoing challenge for B2C companies to stand apart, engagement is often lacking to build strong relationships. Regardless of product, Vistaprint continues to put out the effort to their customers and excels in their listening abilities.


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