COM0014 Blog # Kelly’s Personal Brand

Bio Fall 2014 KTH

Determined. Damn determined. That’s what folks would say about me. An example – last year I approached our local baseball association and said “let me champion getting girls in this sport.” My daughter was one of two girls playing at the competitive age category in our local baseball association. I sunk my teeth in and through the use of social media, primarily Facebook, and the help of some great co-volunteers we had 70 girls in two baseball divisions last year. We sent three teams to provincial playoffs and one team brought home gold. The first minor baseball gold for our association in decades.

They might also say I’m creative. I like to find new ways of doing old things. As an online instructor, my course load exploded one year and I had 85 students that I had to interview mid-semester.  As online students they weren’t all in my time zone, they weren’t all available 9-5…it was time to think creatively. I created audio files of all my interview questions. I uploaded them to a personal dropbox for each student. Students chose their interview times.  No two students had the same set of questions. They recorded their audio files and placed them in the dropbox. This was the only manageable way I could handle that many student interviews. And students loved the flexibility this allowed them.

And I’m funny.  I can make people laugh and I’m seldom intimidated by those around me, sharing humour in many situations. My husband is funny and my two kids are hilarious. Afterall, humour is the best medicine and I am seldom sick.

I’m here all week.

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