COM-0011 If no one reads your blog is it social media…???

I often wonder how many people actually are social and how many are just acting how they think they are supposed to act from watching reality shows.

I often wonder if memes are some persons news source and so make life decisions based on this source.

I often wonder how the assassination of two presidents and one civil rights activist would have presented itself on social media if it was present at that time like it is now.

These are just a few things I wonder about but not only that I wonder if anyone reads what I blog about, besides the people who are supposed to read it like fellow classmates and the teacher.

How does one quantify the effect the blog has on a person besides following where they go after they read the blog? Hang on lets back up a bit, how do I get the blog published to begin with? Why would I?

It is relatively easy to search the word, blog, and following the links you can find all sorts of blogging sites as well as You Tube videos to explain “how to blog” . I was invited to one blogging website but never had the courage to post anything however I have written articles for magazines and websites but never a continual blog.

So once the venue is decided the content or subject is next, something current maybe and finally the easy part the blog itself. But who is going to read it and how do you know the effect it will have with the consumer is the intended one.

There are many apps and websites that can track this info but just for the sack of argument they all show lots of website traffic, more Face Book likes and increased Twitter buzz but not an increase in sales, do you junk the campaign you just spent money on creating or do you as a company ride it out and see the end results good or bad?

The best part about social media campaigns is the ability to create with the input of your intended consumer or even let them create it themselves. Many companies are letting their “customers” decide the next flavor and get reimbursed for it.

This is the next model of social media companies will emulate: the consumer commercial experience. By letting the customers be the commercial the company creates a better relationship with the pockets it needs to open.

Companies will want to have “real” customers interact with their product on a more personal basis and the emotion created is impetus for selling the product, get them to “FEEL” better for using the product or service.

This one is particularly disturbing to me.

It’s less about the service or product and more about the experience but it is the same game as the snake oil salesman use. It’s all based on a system of avoidance where the company avoids any negative comments or inferences no matter how small to the point of looking like they are in denial, which they are by using this technique.

The “customer in the fold” technique means decisions are made on a more community/social experience rather than a “we are the company and we make things for you, whether you like it or not” experience. Share holders are becoming a bit more green and intelligent than they used to be.

How this model will evolve into in the future is my question because this model does not follow the edicts of capitalism which is based on oneness not communal or social sharing or ideas or believes? I do believe the capitalists will use the information they glean from abusing this model to their full advantage and eventually corrupt it like they do most systems created by man.




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