COM0014: BLOG#3 Target Audiences

Saskatoon-logo 2013

The Country Music Association of Saskatoon is a regional organization under the umbrella of the provincial Saskatchewan Country Music Association. They are a community who have embraced social media to grow their membership, promote their events and artists as well as raise funds throughout the year.

Their membership demographic is fairly broad. Approximately 40% would be from the 18- 30 year old age group. These are the university students and young adults who are trying to launch their music career and are actively performing and promoting their performances via Facebook and Twitter. At the top end of this demographic are the young parents who are juggling raising a family with their music career. While they have spend a number of years in the music business,  they are in the beginning stages of their career as several of them have begun to reinvent themselves as an adult performer and musician.  Regardless of their age or experience, this is the group that is very active on social media and do the most to engage with their fans. Many of them not only use Facebook and Twitter but they also have stations on Spotify and Soundcloud to share and promote their music.

The next largest demographic would fall between 30-60 years of age making up about 30% of the membership. These are the seasoned artists who have either found their success and are busy touring and performing constantly or are taking the stage simply for the love of the music. These artists again utilize social media for their benefit. The ones who are very active on stage are also more active with social media. They post performance videos and photos, use the events feature on each platform to grow their audience.  The less active, tend to be more responsive to other’s posts by sharing, liking and commenting with their support. They do however, promote their own events but in a less aggressive manner.

Youth, those up to 18 years in age, would make up approximately 20%. These are the ones who are primarily in the “dreaming of being a star” stage. They are the supporters of the other artists watching and learning from their mentors.

The final 10% is closely related to the youth because they are the Grandparents who are supporting their grandchildren or are the first generation performers who no longer crave the spotlight but would rather guide the future generations. These tend to be the least active on social media however they do follow the artists and make note of events that are taking place.

10750409_10152337615816330_6376517893788448575_oOff all the artists I have looked at and taken note of, the one that I feel has utilized social media to his full advantage is Codie Prevost. In addition to being having channels on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, he personally manages his Facebook accounts. He also uses Twitter for more than simple tweets about shows and personal thoughts, each Tuesday he hosts a Party in which he interacts with his fans and shares personal insight into his career. You should really check him out!



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