COM0015- Post #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

Using social media is not only important for Business to Customers (B2C), but Business to Business as well. Among the successful organizations that Fortune and Forbes named as one of the most successful organization in using social media for B2B is Boston Consulting Group, which was founded in 1963. Boston Consulting Group is a Global management consulting company that helps other corporations and organizations to accomplish ‘suitable competitive advantage’.

Fortune ranked Boston Consulting Group or BCG as the 3rd among the best companies using social media. BCG employs social media to communicate with employees, recruits, and distribute content to them. According to Fortune, BCG focused on Twitter and LinkedIn, while there was a shift toward using Facebook.

BCG explained its perspective that has made successful in using social media. Apart of many companies that jumped to the social media bandwagon without getting ready or understanding what, exactly, they are trying to achieve, BCG takes the time to develop a compete marketing strategy. The most important and challenging points for BCG is t: (1) create a marketing strategy that integrates social media, and (2) measure the impact of new marketing channels on businesses.

BCG set number of guidelines for using social media most effectively:

  • Understand your digital customer: It is fundamental to understand how customers use social media. Red Bull and Sara Lee are two good examples. Red Bull understands that it young audience is active into entertainment; this is why it created an entertainment portal on Facebook that allows users to play games, watch TV, and engage in other several activities. Sara Lee uses social media to encourage customers to share coupons.
  • Define specific business objectives: Objectives have to be specific, such as lowering customer service costs, greater customer engagement, or achieving solid loyalty.
  • Test across social media platforms.
  • Define and track supporting metrics.

One of the lessons BCG learned is that the company website can be provide “richer experience and greater engagement, than Facebook that eventually attracts a lot of fans.

Weak organization

chaterTwitterChatr Wireless is one of the less expensive mobile providers in Ottawa. Its plans less expensive other competitive providers, but its coverage is not as strong as other mobile companies. Chatter Wireless covers parts of Alberta, Winnipeg, Ontario, British Columbia. Chatter has two social media account
s Facebook and Twitter, but its social media actual presence is quite weak. It only has 1,071 followers, and 46,586 Facebook likers. Twazzup, a twitter monitoring real-time platform, shows that ‘chatr mobile’ does not have influencers that talk about Chatr  services. The top influencer has 7 followers, and is not a Chatr advocate.

Chater on TwazzupChatr Wireless posts on social media accounts consistently, but the Facebook account tells that customers do not engage. As for today, there are only tree customer comments, 32 likes, and 2 shares since the beginning of 2016.

Chatr Wireless should adopt vigorous social media strategy to:

  • Chater Mobile FacebookIncrease customer engagement and loyalty: A good example about the lack of customer engagement is the post that Chatr Mobile posted on its Facebook account on August 17, 2015. The post sought customer engagement through an image of a man having Baroque with his family. The image was accompanied with the following post: “Isn’t BBQ season the greatest season of them all? Share your best BBQ tip with us below”. The post got 4 likes, but with No comments. It is clear that the Chatr  believes that customer can get engaged when they ask customers to do so. This tells that there is no strategy to get increase customer engagement.
  • Increase the number of customers using Chatr: My understanding the Chatr wanted to increase the number of its customers but approaching new comers to Canada. They offered free calls for new immigrants, or visitors to Canada. On December 1st, 2015, Chatr posted a video for new comers who used Chatr Network at one of the airports to talk to friends and family. It is great idea, but Chatr needs a real’ campaign with clear objectives.


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