COM0015: Blog post #4 – Out of the Box

What unexpected applications have you found in the field of online marketing and social media? Creative ways to use marketing and social media tools and techniques to your benefit?

twitterTwitter: Using your organization’s Twitter handle as a marketing tool is a great way to engage your audience with your social media platform. Ordinarily, you will see the Twitter logo indicating that you have a Twitter page, but by including the handle, you drive the consumer directly to your content. Join in weekly hashtag themes (i.e. #ThrowbackThursday) to build your social media following. TwitterChats are a great way to engage an audience by having a content matter expert take questions from the audience.

A great example of out-of-the-box use of Twitter was by LG. They hosted a Twitter Treasure Hunt with the objective of promoting sales to 16-24 year olds. LG set out a stall in UK city and the first person to arrive won two tickets to a concert. According to LG, “to help users find the stall, LG placed a map online that gradually zoomed in on the precise location whenever the hashtag #lgtickethunter was used on Twitter”



Metrics: 5k tweets on the first day and 50k by the end of the campaign. Engagement rate was 38%. Quadrupled smartphone sales to the target audience in the weeks following the campaign.

Sponsorships: use your social media accounts as part of the creative for any sponsorship opportunities (i.e. sponsoring an event – use your Twitter handle or Facebook page title, in lieu of the traditional corporate logo, or both).

Contests: Host a video and/or photo contest on platforms like Instagram. Then, use your social media platforms to promote the contest (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Create a hashtag for your contest. Offer bonus points for sharing information – extra entries (I have seen this work very well on Mommy Blogs were the blogger is offering a handmade item).

video Video – use video in lieu of the traditional written word. With video applications readily available, literally speaking to your audience will draw more engagement than a written explanation (i.e. explainer videos). According to Social Media Today, “the retention rate for visual information can reach 65% versus 10% for text-based information”.

The Department of Canadian Heritage used YouTube as a creative tool to encourage engagement from viewers by producing a video Journey Into the Arctic that entices viewers to become an explorer on a mission to find the Northwest Passage.


Infographics – like videos, instead of a long, drawn out explanation of your product or service, create a detailed infographic to get your message across and host it on your social media platforms.

Blogs/Vlogs – like Twitter Chats, consider having a guest blogger who can provide a different insight and take questions from your audience.

What cool applications have you discovered?







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