COMM14 – Blog Post #4 / Oreo, Online King of the B2C

Who doesn’t love an Oreo?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a toddler licking out the middle, a high-schooler dunking one into milk for a midnight snack… or an adult doing both of those things – Oreos are the quintessential cookie of North America and everyone loves them. In fact, I’m proud to admit that I am actually eating one right now.

(How’s that for engaging with my studies?)

On social media just as it is to our tastebuds, the Oreo brand reigns supreme. Its Facebook page is among the most popular of all B2C brands with over 40 million likes, and its Twitter account (eponymously and appropriately named @Oreo) has over 800,000 followers and 22.9k tweets – not bad for a cookie.

According to, Oreo owns social media through Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest:

“…Oreo is the king of agile marketing, and it’s clear that Oreo has a marketing team that not only has a finger tightly on the pulse, but who can also react with whip-smart efficiency, humour and charm.”

My own inspection of their social media presence confirms such: their account is professional enough to be informative, but charming enough to not feel impersonal. In fact, it feels wildly personal. User engagement, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, is paramount, and Oreo frequently uses daily campaigns with their fans in taking advantage of their simple, unmistakable product. For example, the Oreo Facebook page has created a social media event for its followers in March, promising 30 days of #twists featuring their product and a challenge for their followers. This user engagement not only strengthens their consumer/fan-base but also strengthens the presence of their brand as well.

A closer inspection of the Twitter account reveals effective, shareable content as well. A large majority of their recent tweets have charming, cookie related images attached. These images are simple and easily shared at the click of a button, and allow their followers to contribute to their own personal brand with different campaigns such as #HockeyMomHallOfFame and an Oreo-themed PS4 controller when the console was released a few years ago.

Overall, the Oreo business’ connection to their consumers is almost as perfect as their product. Although it feels as though they could have more interactions with some of their Twitter followers (I noticed they have very minimal replies from their account over the past several months), sometimes less is m’Oreo.

One thought on “COMM14 – Blog Post #4 / Oreo, Online King of the B2C

  1. Oreo is great at social media. Where they have also excelled is at “newsjacking” with social media. Oreo have been unparalleled in this aspect. The main example that immediately comes to mind is their tweet during the Super Bowl in 2013 when the power went out. Their “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet went viral. They have done twitter posts with other current event using newsjacking, but nothing compares to the super bowl blackout tweet.

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