What do you mean I can lose followers?

You finally decided to go out on social media. The amount of followers keeps growing and growing, yay! Until one day, you log on and have a few less, and that amount of followers instead of going up is slowly going down. What gives? Here are some of the most common reasons why followers have decided to leave.
You post too often
You really should not post more than 6 times a day, and it should not be posted all at once. This causes you to clog, or spam, people’s walls.
Here are some guidelines on how much you should post depending on the platform you use.

daily posts

Daily posts


Your posts are too “salesy” or all about you
A great way to ensure this is not an issue is to share/like/retweet related or partner businesses posts. Offer information that your target audience would find interesting or useful.  Showcase employees, customers, or behind the scene imagery in your posts.
You do not engage
Reciprocity is a great way to network and promote organic growth.  Make sure to reply to all the comments or tweets directed to your wall. Also take the time to like and share partnership posts.
You do not share imagery or videos
The majority of sensory receptors are in the eyes. Posts that contain imagery have a greater engagement than those that have purely text or links. There should also be a limit to the length of your posts, 4 lines or less. If you have longer articles to post, consider using a more friendly platform for that sort of information, such as Google +. If you do not have your own pictures to share, there are tons of free stock images available online (do not use someone else’s picture without consent, that opens you up to copyright infringement lawsuits).

Your posts are redundant and repetitive
Your posts are repetitive and redundant. Your posts are…  To avoid this, create a content management plan and have it ready for the following week so you are not looking for those last minute items to post.

You post too little or random content
If you have no new content, or nothing of value to say, people may loose interest in you and leave.


Wait, why is there a cat picture in the middle of a social media blog?

Writing style or gross spelling and grammatical mistakes
This may turn off certain followers. Write in a style that caters to your target audience. Using your most “proper Shakespearean English” when writing to fellow “gearheads” may not be the best way to engage a crowd and keep followers.
#You #hastag #everyting
#There #is #such #a #thing #as #too #many #hashtags #for #Facebook #and #Twitter. The general recommendation is no more than two. Some platforms, such as Instagram, offer you more room to hashtag and therefore catalog your posts, but try not to overwhelm your message.


Hashtags – also know as the pound or number sign for some who are not as internet savvy.

There are many reasons why followers will leave. A smart and organised management plan can help you create a successful social media campaign. Consistency and value of content are key components that are important to remember.
What are some of the reasons you have unfollowed someone on social media?

7 thoughts on “What do you mean I can lose followers?

  1. I don’t agree much with the guidelines you posted my experience with social media is that shouldn’t it be social…meaning accepting. I don’t follow any guidelines but what I do is have groups where peoples believes if you will are mutual and I post accordingly. I know there are some who wait patiently each day for me to post something just so they cam like it…..I post as much and as often as I can and from FB analytics the more I post the more views I get. I think that as most do on FB who use it for business they try to get any friend they can and then filter put the ones they don’t want to follow so it maybe more of a business decision rather than an unfriending. My view is the more you can get out there the more the big empty space is filled up. And one should believe that their garbage is just a good and interesting a post as a funny cat video….

    • How someone decides to post on their social media is entirely dependant to them. And social is what the game is. Interactivity is what you want, but if all I get are a bunch of posts that are too similar all the time and that bring zero value, I do unfollow a page (fFB, IG or Twitter).

      I know that in the great shuffle that after a few hours posts may be gone from my wall, even less if on FB because of the way it limits posting, but if I see too much I get annoyed, I wanted to follow them, not get spammed by them and this goes for all social media platforms and email newsletters.

      Now, should something interesting be happening please post away. And comparing posts to “garbage” may not be the best analogy to make, but yes, those who want to see your content will come to you. And if you have a crowd that thrives for a lot of content then cater to it. These are general guidelines, not set in stone.
      I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  2. Thank you for shedding light on some of the reasons why some followers decide to leave. My director was just asking about this today in a meeting. These could be useful tips on things my association should be considering as it revises it’s overall communications strategy.

  3. I think you are right about the hashtags. There is something that feels extremely cheesy hashtagging a photo on IG to me, yet I know it is almost necessary in order to get views and likes. I think one or two hash tags is on the low side, and I feel 5 is the max. The worst is when the caption incorporates the hashtags in the sentence instead of using them at the end of the caption. Ie, “This is my #awesome caption! I just #love using hashtags!” It just doesn’t sit right with me and I think it looks ridiculous. I would much rather see it at the end of the caption.
    I find that you make some valid points about why people would lose followers and those are reasons why I unfollow people on social media but I feel it would ultimately come down what kind of audience you are aiming toward. I will definitely keep this tips in mind for the future!

    • Absolutely right on the target audience. Social media has no “set in stones” rules. What works one day, may not the next, and what works for one, may not for another.
      This is an evolving place for sure!
      I too try to avoid the #middle hashtag posts, but mut admit I have done it once or twice on twitter due to lack of space… :/

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