COMM0011 Blog#2 – Introduction to Social Media

COMM0011 Blog #2 – Introduction to Social Media

I found Lesson 3 very interesting. I am a former municipality worker, and I worked on contract for eight years in the Economic Development Office. I worked with entrepreneurs who wanted to start or expand their businesses.

Social Media was just coming into play for these up and coming entrepreneurs. I do remember my fellow colleagues signing up for an introduction to social media course that was offered through the University of Waterloo. At this time the focus was more on websites for small businesses, and live chat forms. I don’t think they even realized how important social media would become to entrepreneurs.

I was involved with the new design of our website, and was the content manager for the site. Our main focus was to keep it simple, user friendly and appealing to the different cultures within the municipality. We accomplished this, but that was four years ago and times have changed so much. I took a look at the site now, and the use of bigger buttons, more colours and not so many links is how it is designed now.

I remember only one person was allowed to use twitter, and the only other form of social media used were videos that were posted to the website. The city currently uses Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The process seems so slow for this particular municipality, and I am sure the internal processes and the steps required to post one thing must be endless. It would be interesting to see if other municipalities have adopted a more proactive approach to social media.

I wonder how much two-way communication is really accomplished?

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