COMM-011 Blog Assignment #2 – Shopkins – Why?!?

Shopkins-LogoAs a mother of young twins, I try to keep up with the latest trends, educational toys, all the new “rules” regarding car seats, you get the picture.  One trend I’m still trying to wrap my head around is Shopkins!  What the hell is it and why is it so wildly popular?

Being a child of the 80’s, I was trying to fathom what could have been comparable to this fade back then.  The only thing I could come up with was baseball cards or Pogs if you remember the 90’s better than the 80’s.  But I’m thinking that the Shopkins craze is not even on the same playing field.

What is a Shopkins?  Good question!  If I ever really figure it out I’ll let you know and I’m sure I’m not the only parent wondering.  From what I can tell they are items, you would find in grocery stores and boutiques such as shoes, jewellery and fruits and vegetables.  They come with shopping baskets and carts to put said items in.  There are collectable Shopkins, limited edition Shopkins, sparkly Shopkins.  My head hurts trying to understand this.  These things come in seasons.  Currently, we are in season 3 or 4 where they rolled out 140 more Shopkins, this season came with an ice cream truck.  This is what my nightmares are made up of finding tiny little toys in the couch cushions, in the dishwasher, on the stairs, in the middle of the hall when you’re walking with 2 loads of laundry and have no visual on what’s in front of you, tripping over that cute little onion with the worried face as all the sorted laundry goes flying…you get the picture.


I went to the Shopkins website to see if they had anything interactive for the kids and also to see if I could get a better understanding of what they were.  I’m still not entirely sure what they are but I did find out that they also have Shoppies.  What is a Shoppie?  I don’t entirely know but from what I gathered, they are shoppers for the Shopkins.  I stopped there before my head exploded trying to figure this out.  On a social media aspect, the site does have lots to offer.  Kids can explore and meet all the Shopkins/Shoppies with descriptions, they can print out colouring pages, or head over to YouTube and watch the Shopkins Channel to catch up on the latest episodes.  Oh yes they have their own show!  I headed over to their facebook page which has 146,077 likes and is very active on their page, posting new products and polls to get people talking.  Their Twitter and Instagram followers are also fairly decent and active.  They must be doing something right.  I do like that they have interactive information for the kids and it’s not solely just a buy our products ploy.


Although I may not fully understand the Shopkins craze, and if it will get my picky eater to eat broccoli because it’s looks like his Shopkins it may be something to consider.  The creator of Shopkins is either brilliant or a shopaholic, either way, someone is making a fortune and I still don’t get it. #shopkinsstilldontgetit

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