COM0014 – Blog Post #5

My Own Personal Brand

I believe that Personal Brand is more important than ever for military spouses. Like many others I have had to reinvent myself because of the transient nature of our lifestyle. One microbiologist friend of mine with a penchant for home decorating has turned her small blog into a business with a Facebook following of over 16,000 people simply because there were no jobs in her field in the small town in which they were posted. Her Personal Brand has become her livelihood.

Citing my own Personal Brand is an uncomfortable exercise. It is always easier to build others up than to spout your own attributes. I think if I were to produce a mission statement for what I am doing; it would be “To increase military family’s quality of life by assisting them to navigate the resources available to them using social media as a vector.”

Three years ago I started a Facebook page for Military Spouses; we started small with a simple desire for fellowship. My secret group is location specific and has grown to over 440 members. On top of arranging pub nights, knitting mornings and other meetings, I also arrange speakers for large breakfasts in order to help the members understand what benefits they may be missing and what pitfalls they can avoid. Because of this, I decided to begin a blog to compliment the group and to showcase these issues to the greater Canadian Forces population. It is small but growing with over 250 Facebook followers. (My Blog: No Life Like It)

I believe that within this tight knit community personal integrity is very important. Genuineness, honesty, positivity, and a willingness to listen and engage have made my group successful. Because I have lived the military family life for the past 25 years that included multiple deployments I am also a trusted member of the community.

A recent proud moment was finding myself on the Senators Jumbotron. Imagine! A surprise visit by the hockey mascot organized by another spouse. No make-up but it was a great cause!

Click here to see the Jumbotron Video



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