A Plea to My American Friends COM011 Blog Post 2

It’s hard to escape at this point the circus of the American election right now. With a ringleader like Donald Trump, it’s hard to ignore it. It’s too easy to comment on the GOP however, their buffoonery is its own commentary. I simply have a plea to the half of (in my opinion) Americans who are sensible, the Democrats.

I may be Canadian, but American politics affect my country so I somewhat keep track of them. It’s hard not to be #feelingthebern right now. Really hard. In my opinion Bernie Sanders is not only the best choice to me, he’s also exactly what America needs to fix herself. However there is one issue not a lot of people are talking about. Regardless of whether you are for Hillary or Bernie, my American Democrat friends, vote.

I don’t particularly like Hillary’s platform, I don’t even think she’s the best feminist choice. Her uterus, sadly, does not qualify her to represent women. Bernie does a much better job of it. But, no matter how vehement you are a supporter of Bernie you are, if he does not win the nomination, Democrats, get out and vote for Hillary.

No, I wouldn’t want to either. Yes, I’d be angry about my chose candidate losing. However, if Bernie is out, Hillary is the least of all the evils. Minus Bernie, Hillary is still better than Trump, Cruz or Rubio. A moderate Democrat is still better than a Republican. So if the Bern loses and your only choice is Hillary, support her. You will need her Supreme Court nominations. They will be better than any Republican candidate. You will need her party advising her.

She may not be the best choice of all of them, but vanilla ice cream is better than an empty bowl.

3 thoughts on “A Plea to My American Friends COM011 Blog Post 2

  1. Your post reminds me of an old Rick Mercer rant (sorry, I can’t find a link) where he talks about negative campaign ads giving the perception that none of the political candidates are worth voting for. This results in lower voter turn out as there isn’t a good option. However, Mercer urges voters to get out and vote for the lesser of the evils because, if the greater of the evils wins, we’re all in trouble.

  2. I feel sorry for my friends in the US……this is the great free society to the south the progressive society where all men are created equal….unless you are donald duck trump….the great American nightmare…..

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