COM0011 Blog Post #4 – The art of Vague-booking

I am sure we can all say we have been guilty of this at one time or another…the dreaded Vaguebooking…which believe it or not is an actual thing!   You may not know exactly what it is, but I am pretty sure you have seen one, and perhaps even posted your own.

Urban Dictionary defines it as:

An intentionally vague Facebook Status update, that prompts friends to ask what’s going or, or is possibly a cry for help. 

Mary is:  “wondering if it is all worth it”.

Long before social media came to be, most people wrote their innermost thoughts and secrets in a “Dear Diary” format, and these musing were never meant for public consumption, much less meant to spark an ongoing plea from your friends to discuss what your thoughts might mean.  Writing “Dear Diary, Why do I bother” was meant for your eyes only and folks were not forced to speculate and draw their own conclusions…nor were you expecting Dear Diary to have the answer.

These days people have fallen into the passive-aggressive trap of posting a few words meant to  elicit an outpouring of love and support  from friends not to mention the curiosity and attention from said friends.  These status usually allude to a life turmoil, crisis, or emotional distress yet never give details.


But why Vaguebook?  According to Arik Beremzon:

“It’s a form of attention seeking behavior combined with “first world problems”. By being vague, an individual can elicit a response of concern from their surroundings that would normally be considered as overreacting.”

So posting “Regret is a terrible thing” may lead people to jump to conclusions and ask you if you are okay, offering words of encouragement and offers to be that shoulder to lean on, assuming that life has handed you a horrible blow….when really you are referring to that double Big Mac Combo you had after dinner which even included a Super sized fries!

Initially any good friend would see a Vaguebook post and ask “what is wrong hon”, or a “???” or even just a ” 😦 “, But this status is rarely followed by any insight or  clarification and often causes a great deal of discontent.  I mean there is nothing i hate more than one someone says “I have to tell you something” and then says “never mind!” as if you won’t spend the next few hours if not days wondering what they were going to say!

Vaguebooking goes one step further because you fell into the trap and actually set yourself up for the “never mind” that is bound to follow.  It has become the modern day “Boy who cried Wolf”…. and we all know what happened to him….




2 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post #4 – The art of Vague-booking

  1. These are some of my biggest pet peeves about social media: just throwing out vague phrases to incite people’s responses, often not even with a reason at the core but just to gauge responses. Then there are all the mini-respones like ‘can you talk’ followed up with ‘call me’. It relates perfectly to the ‘boy who cried wolf’ image, because when you need to discuss the concept of texting or calling about the problem publicly when you already have the person’s number, it gives the impression that your problem isn’t that serious (if existent) and could lead to doubt in situations you actually need help. I also never knew that there was a phrase describing this!

  2. I am starting to appreciate getting older and not having the NEED to bring attention to oneself for self gratification. As a baby we learned to cry for our parents attention for life necessities. As children we learned how to manipulate the fostering need in parents for our own sometimes evil needs. Jeffery Dalhmer for the most part had loving parents some would say a bit too controlling but for the most part he never called attention to himself as he grew up. Some kids are not so lucky and have to fight for recognition and then there are some who have to hide form abuse but as these broken people move to adulthood a sounding board has developed so they can now be heard however distorted their calls are to the so called…SANE… portion who listen and show concern. I wonder how many times they were told to “pull up their pants and act like a man” or “you’re an adult now” as if a catch phrase or a specific date can cause “emotional maturity”. So many parents want to be their kids “friend” and not their role model. I grew up with no internet no computers no smart phones and just my brain and an incredible playground called “THE WORLD” to play in. Well not the whole world but a world BIG enough to satisfy my need for attention and to find some self awareness and comfort in the fact that I’m not as messed up as John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy and I can live with that peacefully and comfortably as I watch the BIG PICTURE called a sunset…..or sunrise. Looking down at a keyboard or a screen of your smart phone only increases the disconnect one will feel with the planet. I say when you feel the need to “vaguebook” go to a park and walk through the grass in bare feet but look out for the dog doo…..but enjoy that connection it’s better than the electronic one….and you might meet a REAL person…LOL…I can see another psychological syndrome being diagnosed and then big pharma inventing a pill for it…it just gets stranger everyday now…

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