Blog #2 COM0014 Stone Walls & Tablets

Your story, my story can be shared worldwide within an instant! When I say that statement out loud, it almost sounds imaginary, however, for the last 19 years Social Media has been in use, and now “story telling” via Social Media is an everyday reality.

Evolution of Social Media.png

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The first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997.

All “content” text, pictures and video can be shared globally, I can talk to my brother in New Zealand as if he is standing in a house around the corner, he can share pictures they just took 5 minutes ago and post them for us to see in Canada, our friends in Austria, and family in Minnesota! I know this has been going on for a while now, but it is still incredible. Although these stories can be shared within an instant, what makes us read them in their entirety, what grabs our attention and what makes an audience continue to read the stories and feel connected? The text, picture or video must evoke positive emotional changes in the reader, the content must be memorable, compelling, attracting, and cause repeat active involvement in the post, blog, or website. We still must have a connection or a compulsion to read these stories. If they are posted by a family member we connect to learn family knowledge, to know everyone is safe and healthy, it makes us feel grounded knowing our loved ones are protected and healthy. What about the other stories posted on-line, why do we read and analyze them? As the elements of the story on the stone cave wall had a purpose to teach people, how and where to hunt, how to make shelter, how to celebrate a harvest; these stories all had a purpose to create a community and help the village survive, help them live and learn from these compelling stories expressed on their stone walls along their journeys. Our delivery of the stories and lessons have changed but I feel to attract an audience we are still talking about stories that teach us how to live better, eat better, buy a home, work out harder, earn more money, how to raise a family, etc. etc. are these not all stories that teach us how to live and survive? These stories listed on Facebook, Twitter, Globe and Mail, Men’s Health, ESPN, Pinterest, etc. attract men and women who are interested in living a better life, and want to connect via friends, family, career, hobbies and health. Essentially elements of the stories have evolved and these stories are typed in electronic text, floating literally in frequencies to our electronic devices, inscribed on the cave walls of our iPhones and Tablets. Whether you are creating a story on-line or on paper or in stone, the story still must have a purpose that interests its audience, the story must create a purpose, excite us, evoke lasting positive emotional changes in us! What stories do you want to read, what evokes lasting positive emotional changes in you?

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