Let’s talk or whatever…

I’m wondering what the true effects of today’s devices are on children today. According to a study done by the Common Sense Advisory, social media has  positive effect on young people today. One in five teens say that social media make them feel confident. But why? Is it the ability to create an identity where no one really knows who you are? Is it because it provides the ability to hide behind a screen, an avatar or a profile that doesn’t reveal a shred of an individual’s identity.

I think young people have become very comfortable communicating through instant messaging, chat, texting, tweeting, etc. The instantaneous message, provides immediate gratification with respect to knowing what their friends are doing. Is there a correlation between confidence and the ability to reach people when we need to?

On the other hand, Periscope and now Facebook Live are two new tools that allow a different type of interaction where users can log in and interact live via Facebook and Periscope. Now we have access to the events in “real-time.” Can you believe it? Gone are the days of VHS and Beta recordings.

This need for instant “in the moment” answers are not limited to young people. These services allow users to ask questions via instant message during the live video broadcast. Businesses are using Periscope and live video streaming in their marketing strategies. Business use live video streaming services to give the business a human face. Q & A sessions are a great way for customers to learn more about the people behind the business. This type of video streaming is great for product demonstrations.  The common element is the need for interaction, an exchange or knowing that there is someone “behind the scenes.”

Does this mean that we still crave “face to face” time? Do we still need to see each other when having a conversation? Are we moving away from the “digital age”?

In my opinion, humans need interaction at all levels, and yes, we do crave it. It’s important. Cutting ourselves off from the world and creating personas that live behind a screen can be dangerous for both individual development and the growth of society.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk or whatever…

  1. I find this interesting, I have found documentation and studies that “social comparison” and cyber bullying was actually causing an increased in cases of depression. I do not remember what the age range for this study, but think it rather interesting.
    Thanks for the read!

  2. Cyber bullying is a big problem relating back to the level of confidence that some of these kids can feel. It gives some confidence, but also empowers them to take it away from others, which is a dangerous thing. There needs to be a better way to strike balance between face-to-face communication and digital communication, because there’s no tense, expression, or context with online communication, and there’s no repercussions for those that use it to their advantage.

    As with the rest of the article, I agree that the necessity of instant gratification isn’t just limited to young people and it has become something that has flooded our society. So much so that sometimes those that grew up with plenty of face-to-face communication and recognition of the process and patience it takes sometimes (Ie. requesting a service, recommending something, etc.) forget those lessons and expect things immediately. Interesting things to think about!

  3. WE definitely live in the day of instant gratification….if we can’t have it RIGHT now then we don’t want it because we don’t want to wait. Kids are also lured into this sense of invisibility (although i think the same can be said for adults) and they find themselves saying things behind the curtain of an electronic that they would never dare say in person!

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