Take a minute….

I recently came across a poem called Look up by Gary Turk. The poem sums up what today’s society has become.

It saddens me to know that the world has become a place where people are hiding behind screens and phones. Why are we so afraid to be social while using a variety of media?

I’ve watched young people sit next to each other and text each other rather than speaking to eachother. Is this out of fear? Are we becoming more and more dependent on social media? Why are we so afraid to speak to eachother or go out? Instead we hide behind screens that vary in size. As a result of our attachment to devices, we may be missing out on special moments. Hugs, kisses, family reunion.

Isn’t it better to snuggle with your dog than to look at a picture posted six months ago of yourself snuggling with your dog? Is the digital age taking over? Is being “connected” interfering with regular interpersonal communications. Is the immediacy of a text message better than someone picking up the telephone.

Multi-tasking has become a buzzword since we can talk, text, watch television and do homework all while having a conversation via text message. Multi-tasking, nowadays, means nothing can get your undivided attention. Take a minute and look up, you may find something worth seeing.

3 thoughts on “Take a minute….

  1. I completely agree with this blog, another point is how often text messages are taken the wrong way. Have you ever seen key and peele video, about the text messaging, they show both of them texting and receiving and how each are taking it differently. I feel like many people are losing out on the world around them all because they misunderstood what someone was saying.

  2. Further to your point…my 13 and 14 year old boys text me from somewhere else in the house to ask whats for dinner, or if they can go to a friends house. Saddens me that my children “talk to me” more via mobile device than they do to my face…Hence the no phones at the table rule. But even i can relate to that itch when I hear my phone go off during dinner and I have to wait til the meal is over.

    My children will never know the anxiety of getting a busy signal when they are trying to get through to a friend with some amazing news (or gossip)…the frustration of having to wait until the next day at school to see a friends new haircut…the agony of waiting till the snail mail comes to get their birthday wishes from grandparents!

  3. Gary Turk’s “Look Up” video certainly provides some serious food for thought. I tend to agree that often we can get caught up and distracted in a virtual world and forget to physically engage and be present to those around us. That said, however, I believe that the social media revolution is also very positive insofar that people can more easily interact with one another (in other ways).

    While this increased interaction may be “virtual” I am not so sure that we can say that it is less valuable than “real” physical interaction. I personally have had wonderful “heart-to-heart” instant message chats with my daughter which I am not so sure I could have had face-to-face with her (in spite of us being in the same house).

    My main “take-away” from this is that it is important to take the time to appreciate those around us while we still have the time to do so. Whether that means giving them a physical hug or a virtual hug, the important thing is to try and be “present” to those we love (by whatever means works best).

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