Lets Chat… or Shall we Snap(chat)?


Snapchat, is this a new trend for young and up-comers in the industry? Is it simple to use or am I just too old for Snapchat? Is that an odd thing to ask at 26? 

With all the different types of Social media platforms out there it is hard for every business to be the best in every platform, however Snapchat is the number one way to reach the younger generation. This generation ranges from 13 to 34 years of age.

Snapchat defined by the atlantic “is a photo-sharing service with one key distinguishing feature: the photos you send disappear. Seconds after opening “snaps,” users can no longer access them and the images are deleted from the company’s servers.”

Snapchat was first made to send nude photos of yourself to others, since the photos could not be saved, it was a “safe” way of making sure those nudes didn’t end up in the wrong hands. However Snapchat quickly evolved and is now one of the fastest growing apps out there. The company tapped into a desire among younger internet users to be able to share photos without having it logged. It is stated that almost 350 million photos are shared on this device daily, that is a little less than seven times the number of pictures that instagram users post.

My question is, how does an app that was made to send nudes, help businesses?

Here are 7 ways that snapchat can help businesses and why your business needs to be using snapchat:

  1. Provide Access to Live Events; real-time social media marketing is key. It can give audience members direct access to live events, this can be anything from trade shows, to product launches to one of a kind events. With live access it gets your audience more excited as they have a different, more unique view of the event.
  2. Deliver Private Content; with snapchat you can show your audience special content that they might not be able to see on any other social media sites.  Certain brands will often use snapchat to show a sneak peek of the line before it is released.
  3. Offer promos and coupons; You can release contest on snapchat and have special promos that are only done through snapchat, this creates a buzz around your brand and that of your social media. Some contest you could do is take a snap of them using your product, chances are they will put that in their story and you will receive free advertisement.
  4. Its popular; Snapchat is one of the most used apps at the moment, you need to get your marketing in where you can. If people are using it now they will continue to use it in the future.
  5. Behind the scenes; by showing the audience a behind the scenes look into your company, makes you a little more human and less a big company. The audience wants to see how products are made, and the people working for the company, Snapchat can help make that happen for you.
  6. Quick tips; if you show quick tips on how to use your products, your audience is going to quickly grow, as they will be excited to see what else you can use your product for and any knowledge that you have. By showing this on social media, it makes the consumer feel like an insider on your product.
  7. Snapchat stories; Small business trends website states that snapchat stories are “One of the strongest tools for marketing on Snapchat is a story. These series of images and/or videos can be used to lay out a sequential campaign that sticks around for 24 hours.”

In conclusion, Snapchat is widely used by members aged 13-34. If you sell to the under 34 demographic, then snapchat is worth a serious look. Social media is key nowadays to market to the younger generation. Snapchat is the new thing, and to keep with the times, businesses need to jump on the Snapchat train and hold on until Snapchat makes it final trip.


9 thoughts on “Lets Chat… or Shall we Snap(chat)?

  1. Interesting….I disagree with using SnapChat in business. The messages are so limited in length. What type of interaction will the organization have with its customers? At 26 you are NOT too old. Social media is for everyone. I know that Snap Chat is preferred by young people 18 -25 years of age. I’m sure you have friends who have Snap Chat. Don’t let your age stop you from trying something new.

    • I think showing the behind the scenes part of the business is a huge message and can be done through snapchat. Yes I agree I could probably figure it out… However is too many different social media sites beneficial? How many is too many? 🙂

  2. I LOVE Snapchat. I follow some of my favourite musicians and they send snaps of demos they’re recording. It’s a great way to tease an audience of what’s to come, while injecting a little personality that you wouldn’t want more permanently displayed on social media.

  3. Great post…I have always been weary of SnapChat after attending an internet safety presentation at my sons’ school, where we were warned of the dangers lurking in the app. It actually scared me enough that it prompted me to ban the application for my kids.

    After reading your post I am going to check it out again. While I am still not sure my boys are ready for the app, maybe their momma bear is!

  4. It’s funny how so many new social media trends are attached to “youth” and “young people” or kids, but that eventually get co-opted (so to speak) by an older generation. Look at Facebook and even Twitter, their fastest growing demographic is seniors, and these two channels are no longer “cool” to a younger generation (it does not mean they don’t use it though). I have not yet gotten into Snapchat, partially because I know once I do it may become enamoured! I think snapchat does have a purpose and as Robert noted has a different tone which allows someone to show a different side of their personality. Snapchat is definitely not for everyone or for all companies, but it does have it’s purpose and can be used well and strategically by people, companies and brands. I recently read this article and thought it tied in nicely with your post: http://www.buzzfeed.com/benrosen/how-to-snapchat-like-the-teens#.cgovBJKjE. It offers an interesting look at how teens use snapchat compared to how 20/30 years old do.

  5. I definitely agree that Snapchat could be an excellent tool for a business. The first business that I thought of that would benefit from this type of advertising was Lush! They make fresh handmade cosmetics, and they do in fact have Snapchat. I had recently read an article on Refinery29 (http://www.refinery29.com/lush-products#slide) which talks about how some customers used some of Lush’s products wrong because they don’t come with ‘explicit’ instructions. I think Snapchat could totally help to alleviate this problem of guessing what a product does. Short videos on how bath bombs work, or how to videos for their massage bars, even behind the scenes of the making of their products would be something I would watch. The in-store Lush experience though is where the ‘instructions’ are suppose to come from. The employees at any Lush store I’ve been to have always been more than happy to explain a product to me ( shampoo bars in particular), but for people who may not be as social or comfortable enough to to start a conversation like that could turn to Snapchat where they would get a visual how to to use their products! I looooveee using Snapchat and think once a new user gets comfortable taking selfies and adding the fun filters, you’ll love it too! No age is too old, especially if all your friends are using it because then all your snaps will go to them anyway!

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