COM0014 Blog#3 Target Audiences

Coach. Defined by the Oxford dictionary as “instruct or train somebody, especially in sports”. Pretty simple. Too simple. A coach should be so much more.

Just ask a kid.

“A coach should be able to help you and all your teammates be the best we can be. The coach should be nice to us.  There’s no need to ever yell at us. I always know when I did something wrong so yelling only makes me want to do less ’cause I’m afraid I will get embarrassed.” (name withheld)

MJ hi 5

Our local baseball association is looking for a  head coach. This coach will be in charge of 300+ minor baseball players who range in age from from 5 to 18.  Some will play competitive ball while others will play house league.

We will use traditional advertising as well as a social media campaign to help spread the word that we are hiring. The above quote demonstrates some of the skills we are looking for:  technical expertise, a focus on fun and learning, the ability to manage a program, and the skillsets required to work with children.

We envision someone either locally, provincially, or nationally. We envision he/she will have his/her baseball coaching credentials and that he/she may have played at a high level of baseball such as college baseball. Thus, we will target males between the ages of 22 and 35 who have coached minor baseball players, have played at a high level of competitive baseball, who is a nationally certified, and has a proven track record of working with minors.

We are targeting the alumni of colleges and universities in Eastern Canada who offer varsity baseball.  We are hitting all minor and senior baseball associations in Eastern Canada.  But HOW we hit these targets is key. After all, we don’t want to hit foul 😉

We will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vimeo. Our job ad will be short and concise and written in a way that is compatible with mobile devices.  We will arrange interviews to be done using webinar or other high-tech gadgetry that our candidates will likely not be afraid to use.

Our location is an obstacle as we are in small town Newfoundland. However, we will promote the outdoorsy and active lifestyle that our location offers – kayaking, hiking, caving, etc.

I’m not sure how many of the desired qualities, skills, and experience will come with our new head coach, but I hope we bat better than 500!



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