COM0015 – Blog Post 3 – Professional networking now in the future

Developing professional networks – online and in person


I’ve created a LinkedIn page that outlines my experience and education. Recently, I’ve asked some of my former managers and colleagues to provide recommendations – LinkedIn hit the nail on the head with this function, as it allows individuals the opportunity to share these recommendations with potential employers – brilliant!

LinkedIn also allows members to participate in groups – I follow a number of groups that are of interest.

Personally, I don’t use Facebook and Twitter as professional platforms.

I also sign-up to a number of emails from marketing and advertising organizations – this helps to stay in the loop regarding what’s happening in the industry as a whole.

What are tools are you using to develop your networks online?

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I manage an internal (departmental) community of practice – the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Marketing Network. The network consists of marketing and communications professionals from across the department, special operating agencies, and portfolio partners, meeting to provide a forum to network, examine common issues, and increase marketing success. The network meets monthly, usually with speakers from within the group. The goals of this community of practice are to ensure brand continuity, alignment of top priorities and to promote a client-centered focus. These meetings allow me to network with colleagues, learn about their programs and promote myself as a candidate that is an asset to their marketing programs. There is also a WIKI presence (internal): posting presentations to the internal WIKI for all to view/reference.

I also belong to a group that meets on a monthly basis for presentations from the Advertising Coordination and Partnerships Directorate at Public Works – they are usually training sessions or sessions on what is happening with advertising in the Government of Canada realm. Meeting with this group allows me to learn more about advertising in the federal service – and those that I need to call on for assistance.

To come…

In the near future, I’d like to continue to develop my online presence using LinkedIn (research like-groups, request additional recommendations, update my experience section, etc.).

I will also continue to participate in communities of practice with supporting-agencies of the federal service. I will also look for additional communities of practice that are of interest and participate as frequently as possible.

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