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Writing to Attract Web Readers –

Oh wait, web readers don’t really exist!

So you want to learn how users read on the web? They don’t![1] It’s a well-known fact that the majority of internet users read by scanning. They are in a hurry. They have low attention spans. They tend to skim the first one or two sentences of each paragraph or scan until they find something interesting that speaks to them. How, then, do you attract readership to your blog or web site?

To attract and keep attention from an internet user for the story you want to share, here are some important tips:

  • Develop blogs or web articles that take a user from simply scanning to actually commenting on what you have written;
  • Write in concise, scannable, grammatically correct and objective language;
  • Use bulleted lists to enable easy retention of the information you deliver;
  • Present one main idea or topic per paragraph to keep users interested; and
  • Use the inverted triangle approach.

Using the inverted triangle approach to writing means including all the important details you want to introduce in your post in the first paragraph. It’s a valuable way to allow readers to decide whether or not to read your blog as well as scan all the key details quickly. Having the most relevant information at the beginning of the page is good for both the user and you, for getting traffic from search results on search engines (SEO).

The inverted triangle writing style dates back to the appearance of newswire in the mid-19th century where it was essential to put the most important information into the title and the lead paragraph of the story. Isn’t it humbling that the best method to attract readership and attention to your story in the 21st century took root over 160 years ago?



[1] Nielsen, J. (1997, October 1). How users read on the web. Available online at:

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