COM0014 – Blog#2 – Storytelling & Communication Style

Good Afternoon!

“The important information comes first” is my main take away from this week’s lesson about storytelling and communication styles. In the past I was taught that when writing a blog or story, it is important to write a captivating title, first sentence or paragraph to hook your reader before feeding the reader important information. After reading lesson 2, I now understand that my approach was not effective and I, myself, have stopped reading articles because the important information was not presented soon enough.  I have yet to determine if my communication style is passive or active but in the future I will make a conscious effort to have a active style of writing by putting the subject first.

Another key takeaway for me is to clearly and consistently present ideas with an end in mind. Writing without direction has led me a stray on many occasions.  I have thought to myself countless times “where am I going with this?” or “what’s the point?”. These questions have forced me to rewrite and restructure content. Rewrites can also be very time consuming if it happens multiple times. Although I always research and brainstorm my topic before writing a blog or assignment, I do not always create an outline of what I would like to say.  When I do take the time to do an outline, it allows me to clearly and consistently present ideas, properly establish what kind of experience I want for my audience to have and successfully reach the desired end. I am including “begin with an end in mind” as one of my key takeaway’s because it is an important reminder to always take the time to plan out what you would like to say before writing.



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