How to Turn Your Blog into a Career


Ever wonder what it takes to make a living off of a blog? Well, look no further. I’m here to hopefully shed some light into the mysterious ways that bloggers carve their digital careers.

It may help if we put a highly successful blogger under the microscope. Leandra Medine, creator of The Man Repeller blog and author of Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding one such individual.

In an article with the Daily Mail she mentions why she chose the name for her blog: “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.” She even created a post defining, humorously, what the term means:

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.11.31 PM

Aside from the catchy name, Medine’s fashion posts generated a lot of views. Her blog was extremely popular a few years ago when she began, and its success will always change as readers determine its relevance. But even now her site is worth roughly CAD 1.081 million according to, an online calculator of website revenue. To put this in perspective, the blog would currently make CAD $293,375 per year. That’s quite something!

As far as tips go, Meghan Blalock, associate editor for StyleCaster, wrote a post on how to grow a blog, particularly one in fashion. She claims that these six elements are important to keep in mind when starting:

  1. Brand Partnerships
    • Start reaching out to small brands; not every opportunity will be paid
    • Focus on having a sleek, reputable website
  2. Exposure
    • You need strong photography skills with high-quality images
    • Grow web traffic with hard work and dedication
  3. Social Media
    • Instagram is often a gateway platform; easy to scroll through images
    • Connect your accounts
    • Pick the most relevant networks for you and stick with them
  4. Know Your Voice
    • Have a clear point of view and be unique
    • What can you offer that others can’t?
  5. Be Prepared to Invest
    • Everything costs money (photography cameras, clothes, makeup, anything you feature in your blog)
    • Don’t ever expect to get free products (from brands) until you have an established reputation
  6. Learn from Your Mistakes
    • Don’t strive for perfection, but for an authentic blog

I never knew about all of the behind-the-scenes action that takes place when a person decides to take blogging seriously. There are always so many uncertainties when we start something ourselves, but then there are also many rewards that can provide us with a lot of pride and joy.

With all of the tools we have now, from Google Analytics to ROI, we can monitor the growth of our creations from start to finish. It is truly an amazing thing when something online can produce so much tangible success out in the real world.

If you had all of the time in the world, would you ever consider running a blog full-time? What topics of interest do you think would make a blog successful? Have you read any posts from high-profile bloggers?


4 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Blog into a Career

  1. I almost wish it was as easy as so many blogs about “making money blogging” try to sell it to be. I know that with a blog I’m currently contributing to we had a lot of difficulties getting started on making money off it. First of all, since it was a blog, we had to transition the site into a, so that we could make it a taxable entity. The whole transition went fine, but turning a blog into a government regulated taxable entity proved to be way more expensive and arduous than advertised.

    I’ve read plenty of articles about generating revenue on blogs, but if it was so easy I’m sure many more people would be doing it. I’d be interested to read what sort of actual costs exist and the other hoops people have to jump through before they start to turn a profit.

    • That’s very true. From what I have read through other bloggers who do talk about it as a career, it can take years of consistent effort before ever making a profit. Not to mention the need for ads, which would only happen once your page received some sort of success with view count (similar to YouTube, I would think). I don’t believe it’s wise to go into blogging with the assumption of turning a profit, but rather for the sake of getting content out there. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love this blogpost, I have a blog of my own, its about not being able to shop for a year when you are a shopaholic! I loved my blog it gave me a purpose, and I didn’t shop…. however I also couldn’t keep up with posting on it because of my full time job! It was hard…. I would love to be able to just run a blog, and really give it the time it needs, but honestly I think it is a full time job, and for those that can manage both I am impressed! I always thought it was funny because i would promote my blog, but then you would read it and it was about 2 months old post! Either way I might try and use these tips in my blog and see if I can’t make it full time!

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