A yes to redevelop

I have some thoughts after reading the article Public Battle Begins over NHL rink LeBreton Flats.( http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/public-battle-begins-over-nhl-rink-on-lebreton-flats) This local issue in the news around Ottawa lately is what to do with LeBreton flats.  I will say flat out that I do support having an NHL caliber arena built there.  I feel that it very odd to have a stadium out in a far corner of Ottawa in Kanata in the middle of a field. I have friends from out of town who find it very strange that the Canadian Tire Center’s location is far from the center.


Having a stadium at LeBreton Flats would keep Ottawa on par with many other cities. Just take a look at Montreal, Toronto, New York, Winnipeg, Chicago, and ect. They all have their NHL rinks right where they people are. It would be great if people who work downtown can just walk to the games.  When the Ottawa Senators do well and hopefully win a Stanley Cup  (does not look like it will happen this year, let’s hope they win one before the move) the fans pouring out of the new arena can just leave and celebrate in near by bars.


I have also seen that there are two competing bids to redevelop LeBreton. They both look very good, both have so much to offer such as event, and entertainment centers. However it may take a very long before we see shovels in the ground. There will always be red tape.


We don’t have to look at the distant pass in Ottawa to see the benefits of redevelopment. The redevelopment of Landsdown parks was a success.  There are so many good restaurants and shopping there. So far there does not seem to be the outcry of people who are against this redevelopment. I would expect that once light rail is finally constructed, and there is a whole entertainment complex people who live nearby would see that their property values would have a very large rise.


One of the reasons why I like this article is that there are links to a Facebook page that suppots the re-development of LeBreton Flats, and a survey so that readers can provide their feedback. Who is else agrees with me that there is a much better way than being stuck in Queensway traffic after a game is just not fun and there is a much better option? What do you think?

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