COM0014 – Blog#1 – What I did on my vacation

Since graduating from University in 2013 and entering the workforce shortly after,  I have only been on one vacation.

My mother and I escaped the cold Canadian winter and landed in Punta Cana Dominican Republic on February 16th 2014. I remember as if it was yesterday.  Once we made through the check in process and I saw the view, my jaw dropped and I knew this was going to be a good vacation.  The photo below was the first photo I took of the resort.  It was so beautiful it almost looked fake; I couldn’t believe I was there.


I was very surprised that you could comfortably walk on the sand without the bottoms of your feet burning off. The water was such a comfortable temperature and crystal clear.

We spent 7 days in paradise. We drank, we ate, we did nothing and it was everything I dreamt of and more. We did a snorkeling excursion but the highlight for me was lying in the sun and swimming in ocean.

Our room was reserved on the adult only section of the resort which meant we had our own private beach, pool and restaurants.  Although we had our own restaurants, we decided to visit a different restaurant nightly. Mélia Tropical has 2 buffet style restaurants, 11 specialty à la carte restaurants and 14 bars. We had Mexican, Italian, Asian and international cuisine. They were all so delicious.

With no complaint from me, every day was similar: wake up, eat breakfast, sit on the beach and have a few drinks, eat lunch, swim in the pool or ocean, have a few more drinks, return to our room and relax indoors, shower for dinner, have dinner and then return to our room to sleep.

I don’t know when my next vacation will take place but I will always remember my trip to the Dominican with my mother!



2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog#1 – What I did on my vacation

  1. Wow… Looks delicious. I’ve never been on a vacation that entered around a resort/tropical destination per say. I’m a bit of a doer/busy body… did your mother enjoy herself? Sounds like you harnessed the opportunity to relax and do what you do best: be human!

    • My mother had a great time! I was happy to go home after 7 days but she said next time she visited she would extend her stay.

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