Blog #1-COM0014 Winter Vacation 2015

I love my home and unfortunately I do not get to spend much time in it! So for me, my favorite place to have vacation these days, is my home.
This past Christmas I truly enjoyed going through our old recipe books to find new/old dishes to serve during Christmas Eve and over the Christmas holidays. This year I used an old stuffing recipe for the Turkey, and some nut and chocolate chip cookie recipes that were delish! While eating appetizers and sweet desserts, we decorated our Tree from Oma and Opa’s forest, and all of us made some more sparkling decorations for the branches!

Christmas Decorations   Hand Decoration

We had long walks through the forest, and many friends and family members came over to the home, sharing stories and pictures from the year gone by. We had a dance party, sang songs, played piano, a Karaoke night that went longer than expected, and many days to sleep in past 6 A.M. – to sleep past 6 A.M. is a gift and a vacation all on its own! I/we spent a lot of time outside as well, on bikes and scooters, as the sidewalks were clear! Although we did not have snow before Christmas, on December 28th while Santa Clause was soaking in the tub, our little patch of the woods received a huge blusterous snow storm! This storm allowed us to enjoy our beautiful fireplace, and watch the show put on by Mother Nature.

Christmas Snowy ~Snowy~

The next day, my daughters created Snowy! Apparently they are claiming he is a Cousin to Olaf – from the Movie Frozen for those of you who may not be aware of the adorable Disney Snowman. We had lots of fun decorating him as well with dried out Echinacea Flowers, and items from the kitchen. Snowy was ready for the New Year’s Eve party and Fire Works!

2016 arrived, and I enjoyed every minute of my Winter Vacation – my Staycation – in my – in our Home.Home Heart

4 thoughts on “Blog #1-COM0014 Winter Vacation 2015

  1. Beautifully put… Sound like the kind of Christmas Vacation that I would have loved… if I’d gotten the chance. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures with me… living vicariously through your cozy memories. :D.

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