Personal Reflection

Storytelling has been around since the start. It’s found in every culture around the world and it’s what binds us. It’s essential for us to make connections and relate to each other. With storytelling, we find common ground. Without it, we lose what links us together.

Creating great digital content means turning out a good story. When that happens, the audience recognizes that someone is making an effort to make a connection; that there is a willingness to be open and share on a deeper level. It’s all about forming relationships. And in the age of social media, connecting, sharing and engaging are key.

The good thing about creating content that revolves around storytelling is that it is pretty straightforward. Most of us overthink when we write. We try to sound professional and well-versed. We use big, complicated words to impress. Our sentences run long. When, in fact, all we have to do is write a little more like we talk. (When in doubt, read something you wrote aloud to yourself. Or better yet, someone you know. If they grimace, start again).

Great storytelling can only help create top-drawer content if it follows some rules. One, know your audience. You need to tailor all of your content to appeal to your base. Two, have a plan in place. Strategize. Three, follow the basic rules of storytelling. And last, be real. Be authentic. Your audience will know if you are not.

We share stories. We listen to them. We repeat the good ones we’ve heard. And everybody has that one story they love to tell (no matter how annoying it is). Good storytelling will become great content. Don’t underestimate what it can do.


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