Personal Reflection (COM0014 – Blog Post #7)

Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content?

A good story makes the content easier to read and the reader is more likely to keep reading. Storytelling make the facts come alive. Well-told stories can help people to learn about topics they do not know much about. People are curious about life. Storytelling can answer questions about the topic in a interesting way. By telling a story you connect with your audience.


imagesHow will your content be guided by story?

I will use the inverted pyramid. When reading a story most readers are only going to scan the story. If I put the information I want them to know first the I am getting out the information I feel is most important. An interesting fact may encourage them to keep reading. The important information can be followed by more details.


What kind of stories do you want to tell?

I want to tell stories from the farm. I want to use stories that tell what happens in agriculture in order to educate people who have never been to a farm or know a farmer.  Stories about where their food comes from that will educate people. Stories can contain facts I wish to share or real accounts of what life on the farm is like.

2 thoughts on “Personal Reflection (COM0014 – Blog Post #7)

  1. With visuals from the Farm! Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing the visual aspect of your life on the farm, the processes, the anticipation, the weather, and so on. It gives your reader and extra insight and places them straight at the heart of your environment (if your goal is to educate people about the process and importance of farmers to their wellbeing).

    I would read those stories 🙂

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