COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

For a business, using certain social media platforms to consistently tell stories is very important. It’s a way to engage with customers, keep them interested, and harbor positive relationships with them. Throughout the course we have successfully learned how to create appropriate digital content for specific target audiences using different social channels. Also, we’ve learned that storytelling is key to having great digital content that follows company branding, while still grasping consumer attention.

I believe creating engaging content for a company is key to gaining social followers and standing out amongst other accounts. Companies need to stay active on their accounts and interact with consumers on a daily basis. Another thing businesses should remember when creating digital content, is to always inject some of their own personality into it. Otherwise, they can produce content that is too corporate and drive consumers away. Staying true to the brand, while making content fun and interesting is the only way to be successful in the social world.

In the end, customer want to see interesting content that they can take away from or engage in conversation about. Therefore, determining your voice and storytelling path early is key to having an excellent social presence for your company.

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