Social Media – an exciting New Frontier to explore and discover

What is Social Media anyway? How can it be leveraged for maximum impact? How can I best use it to further advance the next chapter in my professional career?

Curious minds like mine want to know. That’s why I signed up for this course. And those are some of the questions I hope to answer.

For me, Social Media is a New Frontier of cyberspace; a vast and ever evolving expanse ready to be explored and discovered. This New Frontier consists of new and exciting places.   Places to visit and explore to help me better understand the New Social World we live in.

Before exploring this New Frontier I thought I would give myself a Mission Statement to help guide my journey.  Staying with the exploration theme, I used the iconic introduction to Star Trek as inspiration:

(For the record, I am not a “Trekkie”- although I will admit that I particularly enjoyed The Next Generation incarnation of the Star Trek series).

That said, for this course, I have adopted the following Star Trek inspired Mission Statement as guide:

Cyberspace. The Social Media Frontier. These are JN’s blogposts. His continuing mission to explore exciting new Social Media platforms, seek out best practices and to boldly use and understand Social Media as he has never done before.

A Social Revolution in the Making

My growing curiosity into how the internet and Social Media are impacting the way we relate to one another was seriously piqued when I read The Cluetrain Manifesto:

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.29.27 PM

This Manifesto challenges the traditional notions of how individuals and corporations relate to one another.

I believe that Social Media and the internet have truly brought about a Revolution into how people relate to each other and how companies relate to their target markets.

Understanding the nature of this Revolution and how the evolution of Social Media is impacting human relationships is key to understanding how Social Media platforms can best be used to attain an individual’s or an organization’s goals and objectives.

Best Practices

One way to better understand the evolving nature of the Social Media Revolution is to examine best practices in the Social Media industry.

Some interesting questions include:

  • How are the various Social Media platforms best being utilized by various companies to maximize brand awareness?
  • How are companies using Social Media as a means to establish greater customer loyalty and longer term relationships with their clients?
  • How can small or medium-sized businesses capitalize on the Social Media Revolution?

A quick Google search finds a plethora of success stories to further explore and delve into.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.54.51 PM

How can I apply the lessons learned in these success stories to my own situation?

Through my journey of exploration into the New Frontier of Social Media, I hope to answer precisely that question.

I want to learn from the Social Media Explorers and Pioneers who have “been there and done that…”

And so my exciting journey begins.   Will you join me for the ride?

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Join the conversation:

What are your favourite Social Media platforms and why?
How have you leveraged Social Media to accomplish your personal/professional goals?
What was your favourite Social Media campaign and why?

One thought on “Social Media – an exciting New Frontier to explore and discover

  1. Great read! Loved that you went with a Star Wars theme 🙂 I truly enjoy Instagram as one of my main social media platforms however I don’t really believe it targets the people I am trying to reach nor driving the business. I am excited to learn how snapchat is used in the business sense also business pages on Facebook. One of my favourite campaigns that came out recently was the gum commercial with the proposal in it! I am not sure but I swear I saw it being shared over and over and over, and I actually had friends ask me if I had seen it! If that isn’t getting you to talk about it, I don’t know what is 🙂

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