Bad Day??? Now everyone knows!

We’ve all had those days…slept through our alarm, fight with your spouse before leaving the house, hair won’t cooperate…it can be a game changer.  Now throw in going to a job where you deal with the public all day and as fun as that CAN doesn’t come without its frustrations…and now you are in to what seems like the depths of Hell on a Tuesday!

20 years ago the only person that knew you were having a bad day was you, your spouse, your boss and perhaps the poor customer that was on the tail end of your “I can’t take it anymore” day.  Today…EVERYONE that owns a computer or smart phone will know!  Case in point…this lovely interaction…

Watching this video of this rage induced Starbucks employee attacking the poor lady that only seemed to want a straw to drink her $6 beverage, I couldn’t help but feel empathy.  But not for the customer.  Most people look at this interaction and immediately think “wow what a (insert whatever profanity you are comfortable with here).”  And thinking “I hope she gets fired!”  I’m not disputing that she shouldn’t be fired, but I have a few questions…what could have happened to this assumingly usual happy Starbucks employee on her way to work that may have fueled this interaction?  What personal crisis is she going through that she needs to put a brave face on everyday but just couldn’t do it anymore?  How many customer complaints, questions, demands did she put up with that day before this customer?

We will never know the answer to these questions and maybe it doesn’t matter…it really isn’t excusable behavior at the end of the day.  The fact is, without social media I imagine this employee to have a strongly worded coaching session with her manager, maybe a demotion, suspension even??  With this video going viral and Starbucks brand on the line, I imagine she left her day with a little pink paper instead.

12 thoughts on “Bad Day??? Now everyone knows!

  1. Wow that’s quite an over the top reaction to a straw! But I agree that because of cell phones and video combined with social media there is no more opportunity in public jobs to have a meltdown or act inappropriately. Sadly the moment captured looks terrible, but the whole story behind what’s happening is missing, and once viral no one cares about it.

  2. Because of the rise of social media, this has become something that everyone has to deal with…the idea that you are ‘live’ all of the time and at risk of going viral. Some of these interactions are things that happened 10, 20 and 30 years ago, but would only be seen by a few people (namely those involved). Now? In a matter of hours people around the world can see some of our lowest moments. And typically when those low moments involve an employee and a customer, one of the most common reactions is to call for that employee to be fired.

    It’s really a tough position to be in for anyone. The manager at that location feels immediate pressure to ‘deal with’ the employee, and if the manager doesn’t do it, the bad press makes it all the way to the corporate level pretty quickly. It’s awful that this has become the norm, but now we’re all expected to be on our best behaviour in public constantly.

  3. It’s so true, how our society has changed with the use of social media. I once heard an interview with Will Smith where he was talking about his kids and social media and he said, that we all did dumb things in our past, but the thing was no one really knew because they didn’t have social media then. Now you do something and it goes viral. You, no matter who you are, are always in the public eye now. The cameras are everywhere.

    • You’re so right @megfuger! I feel awful for parents that have to put up with this too! I can’t imagine the stress of having to discipline your child in public but having the added stress that someone could record it use it against you!!

  4. I agree with your comment @megfuger, and have had this conversation many times regarding how much harder it is now with social media to be a teenager. It is not fair as we are all constantly evolving and changing as people (especially in our teenage and college years!) and it difficult when that is held against us through the ever seeing eye of social media. We are not allowed to make mistakes and to move past them as they are forever captured and available. I see this even more so when it comes to politics. How many times have we seen something a politician has posted on social media (whether 2 or 20 years ago) dragged out during the election?

  5. Okay, so this manager was obviously having a bad day. We all have. It was totally unprofessional. But I’m not a fan of the social media justice league. Shaming people for having a bad day, saying something really stupid, or doing something wrong in the heat of the moment is, for lack of a better word, lame. Just recently, a mom went to social media and complained that a store employee suggested that her teenage daughter try on some Spanx while dress shopping. And, as usually, it spun out of control. People behave badly. They say rude things. They have bad days. There’s no need to shame on social media. (I also can’t believe how long people stood around for this woman’s tirade. I would have walked right out of there and avoided it all. Haha)

    • My empathy always seems to go to the person actually being videotaped for that exact reason! We all have bad days…I think back to some of the things I have done or said in the heat of the moment and would be mortified if it was posted all over the internet! ha.

  6. all that over coffee……the internet and social media are just re-enforcing the believe people are selfish and control freaks about the littlest things…..and to think this was done without the permission of the individuals involved and that is the worst part of this… someone can come into a work area and video the employees without their consent….the store should have a sign up saying no videoing of employees without their consent…..the person who posted this should be ashamed and have the same done to them so they can have their bad day exposed for all to see. This is why I don’t drink coffee….withdrawal symptoms…LOL…

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