#EverySecond Counts

Years ago, I put my townhouse on the market. After the first open house, my realtor told me that most of the neighbours popped by. The neighbours. They had zero interest in buying my place; they just wanted to poke around a bit. Really weird, but not unusual.

We humans are naturally curious animals. What’s going on over there? What did so-and-so say to so-and-so? Where did you get that thingy? We can’t stop ourselves from being at least a little bit snoopy. Admittedly or not, we love to see how others live. We read the magazines that feature the homes and lives of people we don’t know and will never meet. We watch television shows spotlighting renovations and landscaping projects. How many of us subtly look into someone’s house at night when walking the dog? Just me? Oh…

Ikea Canada has harnessed this innate human behaviour and created its latest social media campaign. #EverySecond will hit you right in the feels. Its T.V. spot is a dreamy montage of people in their homes doing everyday things. We are the flies on the wall. And we love it.


It follows on the heels of Ikea’s “Long Live the Home” and “Home Rules” campaigns, but what sets this one apart is the fact that it uses consumer-generated content. The inaugural #EverySecond commercial features the photographs and videos of Canadians who have openly shared their personal, family moments with the rest of us. The campaign encourages everyone to do the same and offer up their own moments through social media.

All companies want – need – to reach out to their consumer base. Forging personal, open relationships with its consumer base is now a major priority for companies. They want to make real connections with their clients and make them feel seen and heard. Directly asking people to send in glimpses of their lives to possibly be used in future advertising is huge. Ikea Canada has consistently worked on their B2C relationship, using the idea of “home” as the spark.

4 thoughts on “#EverySecond Counts

  1. Encouraging native videos means that consumers get to upload their stories for free while IKEA gets to save money producing videos. Everybody wins. The brand appears family friendly and sincere as opposed to actors in expensive settings and costly productions aimed at perfection. Clearly, they have identified their audience – real life family home owners complete with all the imperfections of real life with a little humor added-in for good measure.

  2. As someone who works in the industry of usually hiring the actors for clips like this it is hard to watch. The access to free media from consumers is yes great for the budget but it doesn’t take in to account how many other people aren’t getting paid now to do this commercial. In my industry (fashion industry) this is one of the most difficult challenges we are facing now a days. We have to convince clients to pay for actors or models when they can just go on social media and find someone to do it for free! This is a big challenge that I hope one day will be fixed 🙂 personally however, love the commercial!

  3. I have bee guilty of going to an open house for one of our neighbour’s homes. I was not at all interested in buying the house, but wanted to see inside. I wanted to compare their similar home to mine and see what we could ask when selling our home.
    I really liked the commercial; it made me think about the precious minutes I have at home with my loved ones. Made me realize for a minute that I do rush the kids through bath time so that we can get on to the next thing. I think that using real life families to make the commercial is a great idea. People love to share their videos and if it cost’s less for the company to make a great commercial that makes me connect with them; even better!

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